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Defining Contacts in Office 365

There may be situations where you need to configure saved contacts that are external to your organization so you can simplify email communication. For the purpose of this article we'll be setting contacts up for use with a distribution list, but this is not the only...

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Creating email accounts in cPanel

If you have a hosting account with us, you will have access to cPanel where you can manage your domain properly. This also gives you access to create and manage email accounts for your domain. This article will go over how you can create new email accounts. Login to...

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Save your browser bookmarks

Sometimes you may need to save a copy of your bookmarks saved in your favourite web browser. You can use this article as instructions for how to save a copy / back up your bookmarks from these web browsers. Google Chrome With Chrome open, click the menu button (with...

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Disabling or Removing Office 365 Add-ins

If you're running into issues using any of the Office 365 applications, you may want to disable any Add-Ins that could be active and potentially causing issues for you. This article will explain where to go to disable Add-Ins for those applications. Open the...

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Uploading Files

In some situations we may request for you to send us specific file(s) that cannot be easily sent over email. This article will go through how to use the upload website to deposit the requested files.In these situations you will be provided with a link to the website...

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Adding email accounts on iOS

These instructions will guide you to add the most common types of email account to an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc) so you can properly receive and send emails on your iOS device. Office 365 / Microsoft Exchange Open the Settings app Scroll down and look...

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Setting up Signatures in Outlook

Most people use a signature in their emails to add a professional look and to help identify themselves as a member of the organization they're representing. This article will go over how you can access signatures in Outlook for Office 365 so you can add your own, or...

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Using Rooms & Equipment in Office 365

Office 365 includes Room & Equipment mailboxes which can be used to help organize booked times for those resources inside your organization. This article will go through how you can book those resources using Outlook as well as how they can be managed...

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