Whenever you create a new Team inside Microsoft Teams, there are several resources also created for it that you can use for collaborate with the new team. This article will go through how to set up access to a shared Team calendar to help keep track of team related events and schedules.

Note: Microsoft have made recent changes to Teams and group calendars that hides them by default. This should not affect older group calendars in use or created prior to this change, however if you’re creating a new Team and wish to have access to the group calendar you may need to contact your administrator in charge of your Microsoft 365 tenant to un-hide the group calendar.

  1. Inside Microsoft Teams, open the General channel for the Team then click Files and click Open in SharePoint
  2. This will open your browser to the SharePoint location for the Team. On the left hand side click on Conversations to open the group mailbox inside Outlook on the Web
  3. At the top of the message list click on the Calendar Icon to open the group calendar
    Note: If you click the icon and don’t see the group calendar load, you may have to contact your Microsoft 365 tenant administrator to correct this. This is related to a change Microsoft made in the recent past.
  4. Once the calendar is open you will need to locate the URL for it in the address bar. Once you’ve located it copy it to your clipboard
  5. Go back into Microsoft Teams, and inside the channel where you want the calendar accessible by others create a new Tab by clicking the + button
  6. In the Add a tab window select the Website item, then set a Tab name and paste the URL you located earlier into the URL field. Click Save when you’re done
  7. The group calendar should be available to other Team members now by clicking the tab.

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The group calendar will only be visible to other group members. You may have concerns that other users can somehow see your calendar based on what you see in the new tab, however this is simply the view with your account, other users will see their personal calendar in the list but rest assured they won’t be granted access to anything beyond the group calendar.

Once you’ve accessed the group calendar at least once inside Outlook on the Web, you see a new listing inside the Outlook desktop app for All Group Calendars that lists the new shared calendar for easy access. If you don’t see it immediately be patient as sometimes it can take several hours to synchronize and update.

If we missed anything or you have any questions about this article don’t hesitate to contact us.

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