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How Remote Support Works

Wilkins IT Solutions remote support options make simple fixes like virus removal and installations or updates easy from anywhere, when you need it! With our maintenance packages your computer will always be in prime condition and you will can have peace of mind that your investment is protected.

Remote support with us is easy.

1. Download a simple application that runs in the background on your computer. This program can be turned on and off whenever you need assistance and can be quickly removed if necessary. It provides a secured link from your computer to ours and allows us to remotely control your screen as though we are right in front of it. You can even watch if you want!

2. Contact us for a remote support session by submitting a Service Request. If we are already on the phone with you or asked you to download this module, we will see it come up in our service queue and log on

3. You will get a “Request to Connect” when we attempt to connect to your computer, accepting the connection allows us into the system and then we do all the work

For more information about available remote sessions and packages please contact us.

I Get It and I need help, What do I do?

Its simple!

Click the arrow button in the frame below beside the “Start a new Session” - this downloads our remote session program and ties you to our systems

Then call or contact us and include your session ID that it gave you (9 digits in total) please make sure you give us your phone number availability and what you need done in the message! We will call you or initiate a chat session with the module before connecting to your computer.

When we do connect we need you to allow the connection and then we can take it from there!


Will you have access to my computer whenever you want?

- Only if that is the setup you want, having this functionality allows Wilkins IT to fix problems without you having to be in the room. For example: you’re home computer would not print in the morning and when you get to work you message us to see if we can fix it before you get home!
- Wilkins IT keeps a log both on our servers and locally, we will show you (and you can check our how-to’s) on how to access your local log files that keep track of all sessions that took place on your computer.
- At any time you can stop this remote service or disable it temporarily should you wish to.

Is having the remote software on my computer safe?

- The remote software we use (Teamviewer) is a secure and well recognized program that is based on RSA private-/public key exchange and AES (256 Bit) session encoding. This technology is based on the same standards as https/SSL and is considered completely safe by today’s standards.
- Someone can only connect and take control of your computer if they have two pieces of information, your Partner ID and your password. This password is auto-generated by our remote software and Wilkins IT doesn’t even know the password since it is encrypted into the connection file each time a connection is established.
- For more information on the Teamviewer application security you can visit the Teamviewer website here

What information is collected during the session?

- The remote session is always recorded for training and quality purposes, these recordings are stored within Wilkins IT Servers and are purged once they are not needed anymore.
- The recordings hold helpful feedback such as what was conducted on the computer (so the same resolution attempts are not repeated).
- If Wilkins IT was to create a training video, we will strip all personal information from the recording and ensure that the video contents hold just the necessary information (blur out information etc.). We will also email you if we create a video with a link to the video so you can look at it and provide any feedback if you like.

What information is collected with Remote Monitoring?

Remote monitoring is different from remote support and is a permanent system that places a small agent on your computer that reports basic computer information back to Wilkins IT’s servers. The information collected is for diagnosis and to ensure that your system is running normally. Below is the information collected in a regular monitoring setup

  • Disk Percent Full
  • Memory and CPU Usage
  • Operating System and installed hardware
  • What computer services are running
  • Antivirus status such as last updates received
  • Any errors on your computer event logs

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