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Business IT Management

Every business needs a solution. Finding the right one shouldn’t be hard. We have tailored our packages and configurations for Durham region businesses. We are at our best with companies under 25 employees, with over 90% of our business with companies under ten employees.

Let us help you manage your IT as you grow and scale your business.

Website Management

Just starting? Looking to hand off technical management of your website? Stop messing with domain registrations and DNS records.

Hosting is an integral part of your online presence and shouldn’t be an afterthought! Your domain and hosting need to be as reliable as the rest of your business.

Futureproofed Office 365 Email

Anyone can get Office 365, so why have it go through an IT company? As Microsoft Silver partners, our experience with best practices and administration of your Office 365 can be seamless.

All of our email solutions come with a dedicated secondary backup and built-in security monitoring, giving you the knowledge your data is safe in the cloud.

Personal Solutions

Don’t have a business, but tired of handling your computer, data, backups and security for your home computer? We can help too. We have applied the same business practices to our personal clients for a robust solution that eliminates your headaches

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