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Cloud Backup and Recovery

Don’t worry about your files or waste hours of labour on “low-cost” physical backup systems, Wilkins IT Cloud Backup and Recovery keeps your files protected and gets you on your feet in minutes after a disaster

Virtual IT/ CTO

Most small businesses don’t need a full time IT or IT Staff, what they do need is help when they need it and professional advice on the next stage of their business and how IT can bring them there. Our Virtual IT system gives you the link to our expertise and all our vendors to give you the best direction for your future growth

Server, Network and Computer Management

You don’t need people on staff to handle your computers, with a simple click on your user’s machines, they can get help from Wilkins IT when they need it saving you IT costs and keeping your staff productive  

Network and internet communication concept        
You need someone who can help you with keeping your systems online and up to date. But also knows how to handle a crisis and how to properly plan for the worst. Using Wilkins IT for your Business Computers and Servers will help you eliminate those IT headaches. Learn More

Not just any web host, a web solution

Website Hosting & Domain Registration

We own our servers and utilize some of the best companies to provide the service to our customers. From one place you can register domains, start hosting and even install the most popular website software WordPress

Keeping your website up to date and online can be a hassle, and sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to take care of things like this. Wilkins IT can take all our problems away with web and the know-how needed and make it easy for you to stay online and stay connected to your current and future customers Learn More

Synchronize your life into the cloud

Office 365 for small business

Everyone grows out of the basic email you get from your hosting provider, when that happens, Office 365 is here to lead you into the business world with enterprise email on Canadian soil.

Emails, Contacts and Calendar all in one place

No more inputting your meeting in twice or “inviting yourself” to everything just so it shows on multiple devices. Office 365 just works. With guaranteed up-time and services on all your devices seamlessly, its the best choice for your growing business

Keep it in Canada

Keeping things in the great white north is an ultimate treat to our data. Office 365 has data centers in Canada and every new client we launch automatically is placed in the Canadian facilities   

To learn more about our email platform, its plan’s and prices go to our Email Page

Get your home computer protected like a pro

Personal Antivirus and Patching

Don’t leave your photos, taxes and kids schoolwork to chance, get a security system that beats out your off the shelf antivirus solutions

Online Backup

Not just for corporate financial data, get affordable online backup and protect those years of personal files properly

Head over to our personal solutions page to learn more by clicking here
Great Local Service

About Us

Wilkins IT Solutions is a local IT company that helps small businesses from 1-25 employees. We can handle any business size thrown at us but this range of employees/ computers is an area that is left behind by the bigger companies. Using our knowledge and partners to provide the best solutions for small companies is a great accomplishment when we can make sense of your technology, and save you time and money in the process. We can’t wait to start working with you!
Alex Wilkins

Alex Wilkins


Alex Wilkins started Wilkins IT in 2012 and left the corporate world in 2013. Although the company has only been around for a few years, Alex has been fixing and tweaking technology for homes and businesses for over 10 years in his previous jobs as well as in his free time.

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