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Wilkins IT New Business Service Plans

Here at Wilkins IT we are always ensuring that we are using the most robust, cost effective and easily managed services out there for our clients. In the technology world, things change on an almost daily basis and sometimes it can be dizzying trying to keep up! As...

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Wilkins IT Managed Reports

This walkthrough will show you everything you need ot know about our Managed Reports. We will go block by block, on the common items that are on all the reports. As we expand detail and improve the reports we will update this page with the changes This post...

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WiFi KRACK Vulnerability – What you need to do

Thank you for letting us help you get your devices updated so you are no longer affected by the KRACK vulnerability. In a nutshell, this can be a very significant vulnerability that can affect anything you do on your WiFi network. The issue is especially relevant for...

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Our New Phone System

We have made important updates to our phone system to help you better. When you call either of our phone numbers, you will get our support system which will contact all our staff at once to get you the support you need. The best way to get support is to open a ticket...

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Setting up and using our Assistant Agent

Here is a quick 2min video on how to use our agent to let us know of any problems you are having with your machine. You can download the latest version of our agent at Download the agent from our website at You may have a...

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Recommended Setup – Photography Backup System

This is our first entry in our recommended setups section. We always strive to find the best operational setup for the best price for our customers. The recommendation below is what we have found to be the most cost effective setup for the best performance and...

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Do I need managed hosting?

YES... to save you time, money and stress Click to see why... I hear about managed hosting... what the heck is it? Managed hosting is as exactly as it sounds, you are paying to have your website's hosting account managed for you so you don't have to worry about...

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Our WordPress Management Service

Our WordPress Management Service Perfecting security, performance and reliability for WordPress Our Managed WordPress service has taken quite a transformation since we started it a few years ago. It started off as a way to protect our own sites and development sites...

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XSS WordPress 0 Day Threat

If your WordPress site allows users to post comments via the WordPress comment system than your site is currently at risk of being attacked. In order to disable comments do this: 1. Settings >> Discussion >> uncheck "Allow people to post comments on new articles" This...

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Why changing your passwords TODAY is crucial

Online Security Breach: Leaked Passwords and Compromised Information If you follow the news or use the Internet, you have likely heard a lot about recent security breaches of usernames and passwords surrounding popular email and social media accounts.  Even some high...

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Responsive Web Design: Reach Customers on EVERY Device!

You may or may not have heard the term Responsive Web Design by now. If not, it refers to a website that has been designed and programmed with the user in mind. More specifically, how someone accesses a site. With the increased popularity of mobile and tablet browsing...

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Don’t Get tricked into thinking your computer is infected

We have all seen them, as you go about your travels on the internet.. "YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED!!! CLICK HERE TO SCAN" and the like saying there is something wrong with your performance of your computer. These are the computer versions of the "You are the 1,000,000th...

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