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Outlook contacts and the auto-complete cache

If you use Outlook to keep track of your contacts from day to day, then you may notice some subtle changes if your Outlook profile is ever changed - for example changing to use a different computer or migrating your email to a new service. Most people will notice that...

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Setting up an Autoresponder

If you're going to be out of the office for an extended time and wish to configure automatic replies to let people know you aren't available, you can create an Autoresponder from your hosting account. Use this article to guide you on how you can set up and configure...

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Using the SpamExperts Email Digest

If you get enhanced email protection from Wilkins IT, we would be using our SpamExperts filtering servers to give you the extra layer of protection. What is SpamExperts? It is a secondary email filtering system that uses the knowledge of over 2 million domains to...

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Inside Office 365

No Internet connection? No problem! #Office365 lets you access and edit documents from anywhere, anytime--online or offline. View: Inside Office...

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Office 365 Helps One Man Scale His Brand

understands how important it is for small businesses to have productivity tools that let them to do their best work. These tools need to always be up-to-date. They also need to have the information that matters most to you, available and accessible – anywhere, anytime.

We’re excited to show you how #Office365 does this for Bryce McDonald, a solo entrepreneur who relies on an extensive network of vendors and partners to help him scale DAY 1 Wake, his wakesurf board making business, out to the world. No matter your business or industry, can help you work easily and flexibly, just like Bryce. Check it out!

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Office 365 Spreads One Man’s Love for the Lake to the World

is excited to share an awesome new small business customer story from Microsoft. This video highlights Bryce McDonald, a solo entrepreneur who runs a wakesurf board making business called DAY 1 Wake. As a one-man shop, Bryce relies heavily on #Office365 to effectively manage the vendor and customer relationships that help him scale his home-based business out to the world. Because Office 365 is with him wherever he goes, Bryce never misses a beat – without sacrificing the thing that matters to him most, his family.
Office 365 gives Bryce the power and flexibility he needs to scale his small business operation of one. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you do the same.

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Hey, You, Get Onto the Cloud

A surprisingly large number of small businesses haven't yet made the move to cloud computing. Here are 5 ways cloud storage can help your business grow. Download: Hey, You, Get Onto the Cloud

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Get 1 Terabyte of Data Storage with Office 365

Each #Office365 license comes with one terabyte of secure data storage. has some cool factoids on just how much data that is!
For example, you could use that one terabyte of space to store 17,000 hours of music. Or 40 days’ worth of video. Or 310,000 photos, or 500 hours of movies! Office 365 gives small businesses like the one featured in this short video A LOT of storage space!
It’s not just the amount of data storage that matters, but also its safety. With Office 365, small businesses don’t need to worry about losing precious time, or information, because everything that you need most is backed up and secure. Contact to learn more.

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Keep Software Costs Down with Office 365

understands how important it is for small businesses to keep IT costs down. In fact, forty-one percent of small businesses say that lack of budget is their biggest barrier to adopting new technology. We think #Office365, with its low monthly subscription cost, can help. One license of this powerful business productivity suite is good for use on up to FIVE devices for a single user!

Professional services company Turbine Test Service has four Office 365 subscriptions that empower them to work flexibly, which they need because two of their co-workers work remotely No matter your business or industry, can help you get more stuff done, anywhere, anytime – and at a reasonable cost.

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Wilkins IT Documents Backup Supported Extensions

Here is a list of extensions that are currently supported which may change from time to time. The latest version of this document is November 6th 2017 Document Extensions .DOC Microsoft* Word Document .DOCX Microsoft Word Open XML Document .ODT...

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Wilkins IT New Business Service Plans

Here at Wilkins IT we are always ensuring that we are using the most robust, cost effective and easily managed services out there for our clients. In the technology world, things change on an almost daily basis and sometimes it can be dizzying trying to keep up! As...

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Wilkins IT Managed Reports

This walkthrough will show you everything you need ot know about our Managed Reports. We will go block by block, on the common items that are on all the reports. As we expand detail and improve the reports we will update this page with the changes This post...

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