I will happily bore you to death if you would like to book a call with us to go over email deliverability and the many parts of it all but it comes down to understanding best practices and having businesses who use our services ACTUALLY use our services. Having your email forward off to your Gmail account does you and your companies brand a disservice. You are paying money to have your domain shine and be announced from the internet rooftops and to have your company email on your business cards or your email reply from your website be mybusiness @ gmail.com is just promoting GMail and Google, not you.

The technical reasoning behind the change is managing reputations with every email spam filter on the planet is a full-time job all in itself, and we have people that do that for us, and after almost 10 years handling email deliverability and seeing it evolve into this machine that is more than 60% spam email, we have to make a stand to stop perpetuating the email flowing around the globe. Having spam email flowing from your business email to your personal email impacts the reputation of our servers with all the big players, and since there are very few rules and “laws” about how companies handle and provide spam service, it is difficult to get off blocklists once you are on them. Most large players in the space have proper submission systems where you can explain your case and be reviewed and removed but free email providers do not have this infrastructure. Their sole duty is to provide YOU with email service, and their company allowing spam emails into your account looks bad on THEM so they relentlessly block servers and domains to keep their email secure and clean so you have a positive experience and continue to use their email and other services.

Many servers get caught in the crossfire of email blocks and having poor practices (like allowing 3rd party forwards) just makes things more difficult and it’s something very few of our clients use so we removed it from a possibility.

The bottom line is right in our suggestions over at https://wilkinsit.ca/business-solutions/email-best-practices if you have a professional email, USE IT =)


Alex Wilkins


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