Hunting down Malware on your website

No one likes to pay for services that appear to do nothing, like insurance, if your a good driver and nothing happens. It seems like your paying for nothing. The same goes for Antivirus software, if you surf safe and don’t get click happy, you should be fine....

Filtering SPAM

If you have a SPAM filtering service on your email, it either files it into a neat report for you to approve or trash or it just appends the message with a special word (more often than not ***SPAM***) we will be focusing on the latter and how you can use that to keep...

Don’t Get tricked into thinking your computer is infected

We have all seen them, as you go about your travels on the internet.. “YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED!!! CLICK HERE TO SCAN” and the like saying there is something wrong with your performance of your computer. These are the computer versions of the “You...
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