How to send us Windows log files

In some cases we may request a log file to research what may be happening on your computer to cause a certain issue. This article will go over how you can collect the log file so you are able to send it to us for review. This process should take less than 10 minutes....

Set up email forwarding in Office 365

Office 365 includes the ability to set up email forwarding, so you can have mail received by one mailbox automatically be sent to another mailbox. You can also choose whether to keep a copy of the original message at the original mailbox when this feature is enabled....

Office 365 Admin – Shared Mailboxes

This article details how to create and configure Shared Mailboxes for your organization within Office 365. You must be an Admin for your organization in order to follow this guide. Looking to figure out what a shared mailbox is in some detail? Check out our writeup...
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