In some cases we may request a log file to research what may be happening on your computer to cause a certain issue. This article will go over how you can collect the log file so you are able to send it to us for review. This process should take less than 10 minutes.

We need to open the Event Viewer application on your computer first. The easiest way is usually to open the Start Menu and simply type in “Event Viewer” which should cause the item to appear which you can then click on to open.

Once you have Event Viewer open look on the left hand side of the window, there should be several items listed starting with Event Viewer (Local). Look for the Windows Logs item and click the arrow in front of the name to expand that section. Next look for the specific log we’ve requested and click on it (e.g. Application).

Once you click on the log, events will appear in the main pane of the window (it may take a moment to load in some cases, this is normal). Look on the right-hand side of the window for the Actions section. Under Actions and within the Application sub-section click Save All Events As… and choose a location to save the log file such as your Desktop.

Once you’ve saved the logs to the location you specified, we’ll need to compress them in order to be able to send quickly over the internet. Right-click on the log file and choose Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder. This will create a zip archive of the logs, you can then attach that to an email or provide the file however you’d like to. After you send the compressed logs to us it is safe to delete both the compressed and uncompressed log files.

That’s everything, if we missed something or something is otherwise unclear don’t hesitate to contact us!

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