Add a delegate admin to Google Workspace

by | Last updated Feb 17, 2023 | Published on Feb 17, 2023 | How-To, Web

If there’s a situation where you need to add an additional administrator to your Google Workspace account, you can follow these steps to complete that. In most cases you can add an administrator without requiring a paid license but there are some kinds of Google Workspace accounts that may not allow you to do so.

  1. Login with your existing admin account to the Google Workspace Admin Console at
  2. Navigate to Billing > Subscriptions and click Add or upgrade a subscription
  3. Under Categories click Cloud Identity and look for Cloud Identity Free and select it. Complete the guided setup to add it to your Google Workspace account, there should be no charge associated with adding it. You should see Cloud Identity Free under Billing > Subscriptions if you added it successfully
  4. Next navigate to Billing > License settings and in the Licnese settings section look for the setting Automatic licensing. If it’s set to ON then click on it, change it to OFF and click Save to apply
  5. Now you can navigate to Directory > Users and click Add new user. Fill out the new user information, this is the account that will be used as a secondary admin
  6. Once the account is created, click on it and scroll down to Licenses and click on that and ensure only the Cloud Identity Free license is applied, if anything else is applied then unassign those
  7. Navigate back to the user overview (click on the name found just under the search bar at the top if needed, or return to Directory > Users) then find the Admin roles & privileges section and click on that. Beside the Super Admin role in the list, click the switch to enable that role for the user and then click the Save button just below the list
  8. Everything should be configured for the admin account now, all that remains to be done is to provide the credentials to the person who you’d like to have access to this account

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