Spam Email Reporting

Spam Reporting - Abuse Form

  • Please use this form to report spam coming from our servers. We require simple information to be able to submit this data in order to take action to reduce spam coming from our servers. If you require assistance outside of reporting spam coming from our servers, please use our general contact form.
  • Please copy and paste the Subject of the email that you received from our servers that you would like to report as abuse
  • Please enter the email address that is in the FROM address for the email you want to report
  • Please copy and paste the Header information of the email that you received from our servers. While this is not required, this greatly improves our response time and ability to stop spam coming from our servers. Most email programs have an option to view "Email Properties" or in Webmail you can click "Show Headers" and copy the data from there
  • Without entering your email here, we cannot inform you of the status of your abuse complaint.
  • Accepted file types: eml, zip, msg, Max. file size: 5 MB.
    You can use this field to send us the email that you are reporting as spam. This will give us the header information which is what we need and it saves you from having to find and copy and paste it.If you cannot upload the file, try zipping it first.
  • Click Here for a tutorial on how to send us an email file. The only difference is you need to upload it here =)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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