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If we are trying to help you determine an issue with mail flow or we need some specific information on an email we may ask you to send us the email. Unfortunately, we need the header information that is stored in the email and that can only be provided by giving us the original email and not forwarding it.

To give us an email in this fashion you can follow these easy steps. This works in every email client, if you are using webmail you will need to download the email as a file first to attach to us. Emails usually download as a .eml file which is important for us to be able to determine the header information.

From any email client

  1. Start a new email to us (or reply to our ticket requesting for the information), make sure it pops out in a new window so you can access your Outlook, Mail for MacOS, Thunderbird etc. application
  2. With our new email (or reply) on one side and the email application in another, click and hold on the email we asked for and drag it to the email you are sending us, this will create an attachment and add it to the email you are sending us. Alternatively, you can download the emails manually to .eml or save them to a folder and then attach them to the email you are sending us through the regular add attachment system
  3. Once you have all the emails added that we asked for you can hit send so we receive the attachments.

From GMail / G-Suite / Google Workspace Email

  1. Open the email
  2. Click on the 3 vertical dots button (beside the reply button)
  3. In the menu that appears, click on Download message
  4. Your browser will download a EML file, this is the file you should provide us with

From / Office 365 Webmail

  1. Begin composing a new email
  2. Click and drag the email from the message list into the body of the new message being composed
  3. The email you dragged should attach itself as a file
  4. Address the new message and send it wth the attached file

Once we have this data it will help us extract header information to trace emails and also to see how the email got into your system or what the issue is to help us fix. If you run into any trouble at all with following these steps you can easily call us at our support number.

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