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Cross Platform

Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone… No problem. Office 365 and it’s services work with every current generation device, every browser going back almost 5 years

Communications for all your needs

Your office apps provide email, phone and video communication to your team anywhere you go.


Collaborate in real time

With live documents that work on the web, mobile or in the desktop environment, you can all work on that big Excel document at the same time without ever running into a save issue

Why Office 365?

We live in a world that is online all the time. You want to be able to provide a great business presence but do not want to work 25 hours a day to provide it. Having a professional email system to sync not just your email but your contacts, meetings and appointments is a must. With OneDrive for Business, you get to be able to have every file you need in your business at your fingertips too

I love my email. Being able to access all my folders on all my devices is awesome, I don’t know how I worked without it!

My calendar and contacts sync automatically from my phone to my laptop and back, its the best!


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Our Process

Step 1

The very first thing we do, is have a meeting. This can be either in person or over the phone but we must understand the following things

What you are using now

How you are using it

Why do you use it

These things help us ensure that we provide the right advice on moving to Office 365 (sometimes that means suggesting you don’t move to Office 365)

Step 2

Once we have an Office 365 plan laid out for you, we put dates in place and launch the project. Depending on your schedule that could mean you are in Office 365 this month, or next year. 

It all depends on your answer the three questions in Step 1.

We have moved entire organizations to Office 365 in as little as 3 business days


Step 3

Communication is key on migration day, no email is ever lost and when you are migrating we do it late at night or whenever the majority of your staff aren’t working. 

Productivity is going to be a bit lower on migration days as we ensure your Outlook profiles are set up properly and everyone has their password.


Step 4

Arguably the most important part. TRAINING

It is important that once you have your new system in place that you learn how to use it right. Using our free 45 day training program that comes with all Office 365 systems and our suggested implementation packages we can get teams up and running in weeks, not months or years. 

Office 365 is way more than email, you must learn how to use everything your paying for!


Ready to Get Started?

Lets book an initial consultation call to discuss your needs to ensure that we get you on the right path with Office 365

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the Microsoft Software?
There was a time where it was still “a good idea” to have your own local copy of Office. With the prices and time consuming physical software purchase process, we now recommend office 365. Software and technology advances too fast now to have a 5+ year old office suite on your computer, you need to remain up to date, protected and productive. If you are unsure about any of this we offer a free IT consultation to look at your existing infrastructure and make recommendations on what you could use for help make your technology work harder for you.
Are your Datacenters Canadian?
All of our Office 365 Subscriptions are in the Canadian Data centers that Microsoft launched in 2016
How much is 50GB of email?
We have migrated hundreds of mailboxes over the years, we have seen users with a few hundred emails and users with a few thousand emails. In the years we have never seen someone even come close to a 50GB mailbox. Typically an email is less than 100KB, you can fit over 520,000 100KB emails in a 50GB inbox. Even if you kept every email you ever received, it would take you years to reach 50GB!

Ready to Get Started?

Lets book an initial consultation call to discuss your needs to ensure that we get you on the right path with Office 365

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