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Wilkins IT can remove your IT pain that you face on a day to day basis.

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24/7 Monitoring

Our monitoring systems never stop to sleep. When an alert does come in that requires emergency support, we jump into action

Latest Cloud Technology

Technology is always changing. Having cloud based software and services allows us to follow that changing technology and stay ahead of the curve

Detailed How-To's

When you get something new and shiny you want to know how to use it right?

Wilkins IT will show you how

Easy Repair's and Upgrade's

When items need to be repaired or upgraded, we will walk you through all the reasons and the costs behind them all.


What We Offer


At the start of your network you have workstations. The computers that your employees spend the majority of their day on. They need to be fast and they need to kept clean, leaving them unprotected and un-maintained leads to reduced productivity and wasted hours.

In the middle of your network is your switches and routers that control all your traffic. These connect your computers to your printers, servers and cameras and keep it all together. Keeping these devices well maintained and up to date is critical to your overall performance.

At your core is your server or servers. They give you all your files, serve your email and provide you with everything your business needs. Keeping these systems online is your top priority as they keep your business running day to day.


How our time is spent

  • Workstations 35%
  • Network 15%
  • Servers 50%

How we add value


24/7 Monitoring

Even while you sleep, our systems and teams work diligently and maintaining and protecting your equipment

Working your hours in your city

Covering the Durham region and surrounding area, we work in your city at your hours. Our phone number doesn’t have a hold queue you get an answer right away!

Servicing everything IT

We can maintain just about anything technology based. We bring in field experts when we need it to ensure you always get the best service for your computers and network

…We are not sure what we would do without Wilkins IT, they take the stress off of us when dealing with any computer issues.
I would highly recommend Wilkins IT to any other small business.

Amanda H.

Tankless Experts Inc

I didn’t have time to worry about our systems not running properly. Wilkins IT Solutions helped solve all our IT Issues and armed against any future ones, keeping us focused and on-track while saving us valuable time and money.


The IDP Group

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