Backup & Data Security

You never know how much you need it until its too late

Do you need backup?

The short answer is yes. Everyone needs a backup solution of some sort to protect their data.

Here are some considerations

As a home office user. You use your personal computer (or a business computer) everyday to conduct your business. You probably have other items on there too that are important like pictures of the kids and your taxes. If this computer were to crash or you were to accidentally delete important files how could you get them back? Without a cloud or local backup solution you could lose these items for good or pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to recover them.
You have a small office with a server and a few computers. All of these computers need to be protected in case of accidental deletion, virus attack or hardware failure/ disaster. Business continuity is imperative when you are building your business and having access to all of your data all the time is the best way to ensure your business stays moving.
You have a server room with several servers, multiple computers and remote workers or multiple offices. All of these devices have important data on it whether it be email, documents or other files and they all need to be kept safe. With the right setup, you can have a pooled backup that everyone has access to and ensure that your business stays running at full speed.
Remote workers (or telecommuters) are the future, they can work anywhere and do business anytime. The problem is your files cannot be in multiple places at once without a proper cloud solution and backup. With the right technology you can be a 1000 km apart but your business files and communications can act like your in the next room. No complex VPN system required!

Here are some questions to consider when thinking about data security and data backup

What would downtime of key workstations (warehouse manager, accountant, etc) would cost your business?
These important stations usually have private and important documents on it never mind their own setup for your business (special applications, drives etc), losing this data would be a huge hit to your business. Not to mention without a computer ready to go, it could be a day or more before the user is back at their station to start the recovery process of their system to get them back and organized. It may be a week before they are back settled with their data and setup they are used to.
What would downtime of your main server cost your business?
If the server has your files on it or even if its just your Domain Controller/ DNS. Once it goes down, any network traffic stops unless redundancies are implemented.

Lets say the average wage rate of your business is $25/hr

1 Hour of downtime for your 10 employees just cost you $250 in just labour FOR THE FIRST HOUR never mind the costs to repair the server
3 hrs of downtime for 20 employees costs you $1,500 dollars in labour, plus repair costs!
5 hrs of downtime for 30 employees costs $3,750 in labour

Regardless if you can have employees working on other things while the server is down… you are still losing money with them not doing what they are supposed to be doing at the time!

Could your business still run after a disaster?
If something happens to your office how fast until you recover? Could you still serve email requests and communicate with clients? If you have access to your files and data could you still run your business?

Ready for proper data security that keeps your business running?

Flat fee monthly backups Local and Cloud

Get daily/ hourly backups of crtical systems like your accountant’s PC or the server so that in the case of a disaster you can get up and going again fast.

Proper, encrypted, Canadian Cloud

Your data is well… yours. Lets keep it encrypted at all times and also have it stay in Canada

Easily plan your growth

We take the initial time to understand your growth trends and needs for data. We can easily implement backup solutions and tell you when we will look at upgrading or improving them well before we need to


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