You have enough going on at home

Between kids, dinner, play time, homework, cleaning, bedtime and personal time. Is your computer maintenance on your list at all?

You have a lot of data on your computer, baby pictures, vacation pictures, tax documents and budgets all the way to the weekly homework and projects. If any of that data was lost it would be hard to get it back or re-create those memories

Keep yourself safe

The internet is a great resource but it can be a scary place. Regular antivirus only protects you from 47% of the threats that are out there today and won’t detect the nasties like phishing (stealing your banking or credit information) or malware infections (stealing your passwords and other personal data)

Our Security Defender is the best on the market as rated by independent third party websites here. Security defender is the Enterprise version of BitDefender, the leading AV Software on the globe taking 2014 Product of the year award, 2014 Gold Real World Protection award and 2014 Gold Malware Removal Award as well as several others.

Get Security Defender Now

Fully Automated, you never have to update, scan or renew the system. It works all the time automatically without any need for intervention.

Protect Your Data

Having your pictures backed up to your computer from your cell phone is great, but what happens if your computer crashes? Regardless of the brand or promises from manufacturers, computers fail and your data could be at risk. Is it worth losing your first pictures and videos of the baby to save a few dollars on a proper backup plan?

We issue award winning Carbonite personal backup solutions to our customers as it is the best home backup system around. With unlimited backup and our protection on your PC, you can sleep soundly with one less thing on your plate

Get your files backed up now.

Unlimited Backup & AV Protection, the ultimate power team to keep you safe

Some numbers and figures about antivirus

Here are some stats about our security product. Security Defender provides the best protection for the smallest impact on your system in every aspect that a security software should be good at.

Some numbers and figures about Backup Service

Here are some features of our backup service. You can also find out all about the service on Carbonite’s website here.

We sell Carbonite in Canadian dollars and we also provide it with our monthly maintenance solutions.

  • Detection Rate 99.4%
  • False Positives 0%
  • Anti-Phishing Score 98%
  • Heuristic Score 99.3%
  • Performance Impact 5%

Continuous Backup

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Excellent Support

Free Mobile Apps

Easy Restore

Secure Transmit and Storage

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