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Setting up new Canon printers

This walkthrough is intended to setup new Canon Multifunction machines that have been setup in your network and that also use Accounting codes to track usage. We will specifically be setting up the Canon C5535 today. Open the unzipped folder and within that open the...

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Accessing Shared Mailboxes on a mobile device

Please note that the OWA app is an app Microsoft is planning to retire. Although this solution DOES WORK, its not the most elegant solution. If you really need a shared mailbox on your phone contact us and we can help. This is another requested how-to for setting up...

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Setting up and using our Assistant Agent

Here is a quick 2min video on how to use our agent to let us know of any problems you are having with your machine. You can download the latest version of our agent at Download the agent from our website at You may have a...

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Installing and Setting Up Datto Drive

Step 1: Download the latest version of datto drive at Choose the appropriate "multi-folder setup" download. This will enable us to sync multiple folders and sync specific data to and from your machine Step 2: Once downloaded, you want...

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How to access another mailbox in Office 365

So your IT company (hopefully us) just gave you access to a Shared Mailbox or other resource that you need to use the Outlook Web App to use by following the "Open another mailbox" step. Here is how you do it.   Step 1: Log into Outlook Logging in with Office 365...

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Resetting your password in Office 365

Once logged into Office 365 head over to your View Account area under your name 2. Then head over to Privacy and Security 3. Then click "Password" 4. A new window/ tab will open in your browser where you can reset your password.

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ID Protection for your domain

What is ID Protection? ID Protection is a secondary service that helps protect your contact information inside a WHOIS database. WHOIS is a term used that means to look up "Who Is" the domain owner of a particular domain. Some country level...

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Adding Projects to Portfolio Sections on Website

If you have a Portfolio section on your website that you would like to update regularly with new work or images, you will need to do so with the Projects functionality in your Admin Panel. Depending on how your website is laid out, the Portfolio section may appear in...

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Saving Powerpoint Slides as Images

Save the Slides in a Picture Format Once you have created your PowerPoint presentation, you may wish to make picture files of all or certain slides in the presentation. This is easily done when you use the Save As...command. Steps Save the presentation as a PowerPoint...

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Adding Someone as a Google Plus Admin

Adding someone as a Google Plus admin is easy and can be done in only a few steps. We will cover how to do this on a Google+ Page which is for the most part, where it is only done. Step 1: Once inside Google Plus if you are not at your Google Plus business page, go...

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Menu item stuck on screen after selecting

Ever have your menu clicked item from your right click menu (called the context menu) stay on your screen after you select it? Is it still there right now and getting in the way of reading this? You're not alone! It is a performance bug with the Desktop Window Manager...

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Hunting down Malware on your website

No one likes to pay for services that appear to do nothing, like insurance, if your a good driver and nothing happens. It seems like your paying for nothing. The same goes for Antivirus software, if you surf safe and don't get click happy, you should be fine. The same...

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Transferring your email to another provider

When you are wanting to move to another service provider for email, whether it be from one provider to another ( to or your moving hosting providers for your business website you are going to want to keep your emails. There are two methods that...

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Filtering SPAM

If you have a SPAM filtering service on your email, it either files it into a neat report for you to approve or trash or it just appends the message with a special word (more often than not ***SPAM***) we will be focusing on the latter and how you can use that to keep...

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