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Find your PC’s name

In some situations you may want to identify the name of your PC, this post will explain in a few simple steps how to locate it. Open your Start Menu and type in PC Name to start a search You should see the View your PC Name item appear in the search results, click on...

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Adding a PIN to your Windows account

If you're using Windows 10 on your PC you may not know you have the ability to add a PIN to simplify authentication on your computer. A PIN is a minimum 4 digit code that allows you to authenticate your account in Windows. It can be used in place of the standard...

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Datto Workplace Projects

If your organization uses Datto Workplace then you're likely using the Projects functionality to share and synchronize files across multiple users / devices. This article goes over how to manage projects in the organization. You will need to be assigned the proper...

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How to take a Screenshot for support

Occasionally you may have to show us (or someone else) something on your display. Windows has had built-in functionality to allow you to capture what is visible on the screen for years now, though the methods have changed slightly over time. This article guide you on...

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