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Using SpamExperts

When you use the Spam Experts spam email filtering service with us, you're granted access to the Spam Experts control panel. This article will go over the most common reasons you'd need to access the control panel and how to use the tools inside it.The first step for...

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Updating older Office documents

If you or your organization recently started subscribing to Office 365, or have otherwise upgraded to Office 2016 the documents you normally use may be using an older file format. While Microsoft have enabled the Office 2016 applications to be backwards...

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Sync your Office 365 contacts to a mobile device

If you're using Office 365 and the Outlook app for your mobile device, you may have contacts you've created over time (or imported from elsewhere) that you'd like to have access to on your phone or tablet. By default the Outlook app does not sync your contacts from...

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How to send us an email for research

If we are trying to help you determine an issue with mail flow or we need some specific information on an email we may ask you to send us the email. Unfortunately, we need the header information that is stored in the email and that can only be provided by giving us...

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Clear the Calendar cache on Mac OS

Sometimes your calendar events may stop syncing, or other calendar data may not be updating properly on your Mac. This can happen for many different reasons, if it does however you can try clearing the Calendar app's cache to resolve this problem. Follow the steps...

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Setting up new Canon printers

This walkthrough is intended to setup new Canon Multifunction machines that have been setup in your network and that also use Accounting codes to track usage. We will specifically be setting up the Canon C5535 today. Open the unzipped folder and within that open the...

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Accessing Shared Mailboxes on a mobile device

Please note that the OWA app is an app Microsoft is planning to retire. Although this solution DOES WORK, its not the most elegant solution. If you really need a shared mailbox on your phone contact us and we can help. This is another requested how-to for setting up...

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Setting up and using our Assistant Agent

Here is a quick 2min video on how to use our agent to let us know of any problems you are having with your machine. You can download the latest version of our agent at Download the agent from our website at You may have a...

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Installing and Setting Up Datto Drive

Step 1: Download the latest version of datto drive at Choose the appropriate "multi-folder setup" download. This will enable us to sync multiple folders and sync specific data to and from your machine Step 2: Once downloaded, you want...

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How to access another mailbox in Office 365

So your IT company (hopefully us) just gave you access to a Shared Mailbox or other resource that you need to use the Outlook Web App to use by following the "Open another mailbox" step. Here is how you do it.   Step 1: Log into Outlook Logging in with Office 365...

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