This module will go over the detailed steps of creating passwords. We have detailed the steps below or you could skip to the bottom to watch the video of the tutorial

Add your passwords

You can store passwords in two places. The first area is called “My Vault” if your organization has given you access to this area this place that is only accessible by you. No one in your organization can see this area and neither can we. The second area is “Company Vault” which is the place where the organization’s passwords will be stored such as hosting login credentials, domain credentials etc.

The add new password area

Clicking on the “New Password” box will bring up the following screen where you can enter a password.

The first section is deciding if your password is going to be in a folder. It will pre-populate with the folder or place you are currently in.

The second section is entering in the actual username and password. If you are generating a password it will generate a secure password by clicking on the generate button to the left. It is very important that passwords always be as high of a security as possible, your password app will be remembering all your passwords from here on in so the more secure the better!

The last section is general information for this password such as a description, what type of credential it is as well as the URL (if any) it belongs too. Lastly you can place some notes in the area such as maybe a code or reference material for that particular password.


Viewing Created Passwords

Clicking on a password will bring up the password edit screen where you can see all the details of the password you created. There are clipboard icons beside the username and password to one click copy the data to your clipboard. You can also view the password history which will store all previous passwords, the date they were changed as well as who changed them.

One thing to note, a password is NEVER deleted from the password system. When you no longer need a password for an account, you can click “Disable Password” which will hide it from your view but it will never be deleted from the system.


Other Password features

Selecting a password gives you the ability to perform additional functions to one or many passwords.

Here is what you can do when selecting a password through the checkbox and clicking “With Selected” at the top of the screen

  1. Set or Remove a bookmark. This makes the password show up in your favourites area “The heart area”
  2. Move passwords to a different folder or out of your personal vault
  3. Share passwords. This allows you to share a password with us. This DOES NOT allow you to share a password with the outside world
  4. Clear flags, flags are an advanced part of the system to track when a password should be reset if you have that policy enabled, or for flagging passwords an employee has touched that is no longer with the company
  5. Disable password, this moves it to the disabled password section and hides it

Adding and Editing folders

Clicking on new folder allows you to create a folder and add it to a group if needed. You don’t always have to add a group and we recommend only adding when you need to have a particular user our of your whole organization to see a particular folder of credentials


    Right clicking on existing folders allows you to edit or delete the folder

The My Vault section

This section interacts the exact same way as the company vault with one difference. In the My Vault area, you cannot share passwords as it is your own personal vault. If you want your coworkers to see a particular password, it must exist in the company vault. Sharing a password is ONLY to share a password with us. If you don’t have it shared, we cannot see it.

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