This module will get you started with our password security system. We have detailed the steps below or you could skip to the bottom to watch the video of the tutorial

Create your profile from the welcome email

You will receive an email once we have configured your company in our system. This email is for the main administrator of the account. Once the account is set up it cannot be undone so these steps are very important. You can follow along with the image or your web page. 

Section A – This area is your typical security questions that are just for your account. We have a write-up about password security best practices here

Section B – This is your Organizational Passphrase, the system will encrypt your data against this passphrase with your password as well, this makes your data completely unreadable without gaining full access to your system (which is one of the reasons why we like this application). This doesn’t have to be a password like string and can be a common word in your organization. You are more than welcome to follow password practices but it can be something as simple as the street your business is on or some derivative of your company name. It doesn’t have to be “secure” since your password for your account will be secure and the two combined make a very long and obscure password.

NOTE: This passphrase is locked into your account permanently, it cannot be changed once you click “Activate Account” so make sure it’s something that you can easily share with your whole team!

Section C – Your password, this is an obvious one, make something very complex, in our password write-up we linked above we show you how to make a new secure password and stop using your dog’s name and the year your spouse was born in.

Get started!

Once you click “Activate Account” you will be launched into your password security portal. This area will be blank so you will need to start adding your password and the passwords your company uses that need to be shared across your organization and with us. Once you have your account set up we will most likely share some passwords we have on file with you. Looking at the picture below (or your logged in session you will see the following main areas.

1 – The top bar handles all the “global” functions you can do with passwords when you multi-select entries you will be able to use the “with selected” and the new and edit buttons are self-explanatory.

2 – The left-hand menu is a collapsible area that houses all of the functions that you can do in your account. There will be more detailed walkthroughs of the area but the main places are:

  • Your Personal Vault where passwords can only be visible to you
  • The Company Vault where passwords are stored for your organization
  • User Management where Site Administrators can add users and reset passwords
  • Access Control where you can change main access control groups and create new ones for your organization
  • Reports have 8 main reports that will help you keep a handle on passwords, their complexity and who has access to them
  • Settings are where you will turn on Two-Factor Authentication, Manage credential types, downloads and also import your data from your other password providers (or that excel sheet on your desktop labelled “not passwords.xlsx”
  • Support Center is where you will be able to view the documentation for the tool if you have a specific question that isn’t answered in our tutorials (we would prefer if you opened a ticket with us to ensure you are getting finely tuned advice for your organization)

3 – This is your main window area, all your active credentials are stored and viewed in this area. This section will get its own tutorial as this is the main functionality of the password system 4 – Global search allows you to search across your entire organization and your own vault for passwords 5 – The icons in the top right give you a few specific options that are extremely valuable when setup for you, these are covered in the tutorial video and are (from left to right) recent, favourites, notifications and then your user profile settings

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