Don’t leave your data to chance, always have a backup plan

In the last week I have taken in two hard drives (one in a plastic sleeve and one in a laptop) that are completely toast. Both users did not have anything properly backed up and they lost files. We cannot stress this enough, ALWAYS have a backup plan, whether its...

Mac Shortcut Cheatsheet

Below are some easy mac shortcuts that we use when troubleshooting mac computers. This also might include shortcuts we have encountered or have found for clientsScreen Grabbing/ Screenshots To Capture the entire desktop, press Command-Shift-3To Capture a portion of...

Creating a New Mac Administrator

This will walk you through how to reset your admin password. This is helpful if you have forgotten your admin password or you have got a mac with an admin account on it that no one knows the password to.NOTE: This is for OSX 10.4/5/6Step 1: Boot into Single-User mode...
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