If you’re already using Microsoft Teams you should have access to your organization’s files directly through the application. In some cases you may want to have access to the file through your computer directly, rather than having to use the Teams app to access and/or download the files you need.

This can be achieved using OneDrive for Business. We recommend synchronizing the everything from Teams to your PC but it is possible to selectively sync just a few files or specific sub-folders if you prefer; information on selective sync will be found near the bottom of this article. The process is straightforward and can be done in just a few minutes, this article will show you how.

How to set it up

First you’ll need to open the Teams app and navigate to the folder or file that you’d like to set up the sync for. In this case we’re going to look for the root directory (the highest level of the directory structure). When you’ve located it right-click it and choose Open in SharePoint from the context menu.

Opening a folder in SharePoint Online from Microsoft Teams

Locating the root directory in SharePoint Online

This should open your web browser to the directory you chose using SharePoint Online (you may be prompted to log in first). Make sure you’ve selected the root directory in SharePoint Online. In our example (using the 2nd screenshot above) our root directory was named Documents – just click on it’s name to navigate to that level.

Once you’re viewing the correct directory in SharePoint Online click on the Sync button along the actions bar just above the where the directory listing. Depending on which browser you’re using you may see a prompt asking if you’d like to open Microsoft OneDrive, choose the option to open it in this case.

The Sync button in SharePoint Online

The prompt to open OneDrive from your browser
(Google Chrome in this example)

Next a window from OneDrive should appear allowing you to choose to sync files to your computer. We’re going to use the default setting to synchronize everything (you shouldn’t have to adjust anything); make sure the box is checked for Sync all files and folders in <SharePoint Location> (where <SharePoint Location> is the root directory). You’ll be able to make changes to what synchronizes later if you need to.

The Sync Files configuration prompt from OneDrive

Next click the Start sync button in the bottom right of the window. That should be everything; your PC will now synchronize those folders and/or files to your PC for easy access. Any changes to those files by others will be cause them to be updated on your machine and vice versa now.

Selective sync

If you ever need to adjust what is synchronizing you can right-click on the OneDrive icon on the taskbar (near the time), click Settings then click the Account tab. This area should show the locations that are already synchronizing, click Choose folders for the location you want to change to open the window which will allow you to adjust what is being synchronized. When you’re done just click the OK button in the bottom right and those changes will be saved.

Viewing sync locations from OneDrive settings

If we missed anything, or you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

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