This module will get you into the settings and reports area of the system. We have detailed the steps below or you could skip to the bottom to watch the video of the tutorial

General Settings

There are two panels in General settings. The first panel holds the Advanced options which are:

1. Hide Unassigned Folders from Users – This allows you to hide folders that users don’t have access to, typically we recommend this to stay off so that users can request access to folders if they need a password in there. You can provide temporary access to a folder in case of vacation coverage or other means

2. Show only Custom Credential Types – This is for Credential types which help you categories passwords if you have a lot of them

3. Organization Passphrase – This allows you to view the Organization’s passphrase

The second tab is for Two-Factor Authentication, we highly recommend you utilize a system like Duo which makes adding and removing users a breeze which immensely improves your overall security.

Credential Types

In this section it allows you to create custom credential types which just help you keep your system organized. If you had hundreds of passwords and needed the Credential types to organize the data, this is a great area to create custom ones over and above the included types.


This section houses all the download templates for the importing system and also gives you links to all the browser extensions for the various and most popular browsers in use today.

Import / Export

This section was already covered in great detail in the previous lesson


The reports section is the most powerful section of the password security area. This allows you, as the site administrator to run reports and measure your organization’s effectiveness in password security.

This is the list of reports available in the password system as of the last updated date of this article.

  • Password Complexity – Allows you to see a measurement of password complexity in the company vault
  • Passportal Logins – This is a log of all logins to the system
  • Company Audit Log – This is a detailed audit log of every piece of activity in the system
  • Passwords Known by User – Allows you to see who has been looking at what passwords
  • Password Input by User – Shows all passwords created by a particular user
  • Password Audit By User – Shows all the password based activity a particular user had
  • Unchanged Passwords – Shows all passwords that have not been changed as of a specific date
  • Changed Passwords – Shows all passwords that have been changed within a selected period of time

For a detailed walkthrough of each report, please watch the video tutorial below.


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