Managed Business Services

Lets talk about our business plans, we have tailored these plans over years of managing customers devices and have created an ideal mixture of service and quality to ensure that all businesses get the protection they need. All plans are fully customizable and we can tailor a solution to your unique business whether your working on your basement, a shared office space or in your own building. All of our primary business plans revolve around Office 365 which you can learn more about here.

Desktop Management

This includes our Security Suite, Windows and 3rd Party Patching and either a monthly or quarterly report of your machine and its overall health

Productive + Secure

This is our Business Standard service plus our full suite of Office 365 Protection. On top of that, we add tools like a password manager, Office 365 Training portal and an additional Spam filter to make sure your really protected!

Productive + Fully Protected

This is your best defense, This is everything in our Productive + Secure bundle with a private VPN for you to use, additional DNS protection for advanced threats and an enhanced threat hunting platform that keeps you protected 24/7

What about servers?

We have you covered there too. In all of the servers we have setup, replaced, converted to cloud and maintain we have it worked down to one main option to get you protected

Server Management

This is general maintenance, Server patching and our Data security package, all wrapped up in a simple plan to keep the server running well

Notes about Server management

  • The server must have an active warranty
  • The server must have a backup subscription
  • The server must be on a battery backup

We can facilitate all the above points to keep you safe

What about networks?

Guess what? Yep.

Managed Wifi

This is simple, never worry about your Wifi again.

It just works, guest wifi is properly secure and your employees can use the wifi without impacting your important business data like email, VoIP and video conferencing

Switches and Gateways

The backbone of your entire business from a technology perspective needs love too, don’t put in low quality switches and routers to power your important data

Book a complimentary call

Book a 15-min call to see how we can help your business technology achieve new heights. Stop wasting time managing your technology and spend it growing your business.

Here are some other items we have no problem taking care for you. Let us handle your IT so you can work on your business


Standard, Office 365, G-Suite, On-Premise Exchange. Its all the same at the end of the day and easy to manage


Need help deploying? purchasing/ maintaining your printer? Come on over.

File Sharing

Want to keep your files in one place but need your remote workers to see them too? Need your clients or vendors to have SECURE access to them as well? And you want it in Canada? No problem.

Data Security and Backup

Have some business critical system that runs on your server and you need to have instant and proper access to it in case of an emergency? We have that covered too.

Think you found something we can't take care of?

Bet you didn’t

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