Windows Device Management

Laptops, Desktops & Servers

Managing your IT infrastructure is a large undertaking, whether you have 5 computers or 100. It is more than just keeping track of “Computer 1, Computer 2, Computer 3” there are dozens of items you could track on each computer, never mind what it is in your server room/ closet. Wilkins IT can provide that management in an easy system thats fully automated.

Asset Management

Need to keep track of every piece of hardware in your organization and also have regular snapshots of software installed or general status? Stop doing it manually or with some network sniffer tool on the side or take parts out of your day to figure out which laptop is whith whom. Let us take care of your asset management in an easy and on-demand report that you can run whenever you want (or we can send to you every month, quarter, year, you pick!)

Instant Support

Its like the old saying goes (kind of), a managed device is a happy device. But you may still need support, with our system connecting to you is a one click adventure, no tool to download or initiate everytime and opening a support ticket is just as easy. Our software can even send in a screenshot of your issue so you can easily tell us what’s going on!

Ongoing Maintenance

Computers are pieces of equipment that need maintenance just like you get oil changes for your car. The better the maintenance regiment the longer the computer will last you. We have been able to extend the life of machines by years just from having a clear maintenance plan and end of life plan.

So all of that is great but how does it keep your system in line?

Detailed Reports

If requested, you can receive monthly reports on performance, outages, warnings, the “whole nine yards”. All of the information is tracked recorded and analyzed to ensure your system is going to run the way it was designed to run.

Automated Ticket Generation

If something falls below our management standard, it will open a ticket in our help desk and notify us of the problem immediately

Integrated Cloud Backup

Backup isnt about just your main storage space. With Ransomware seemingly everywhere and even large instituions getting hit easily, its important all of your devices are properly protected.

Automatic Remediation

Most of the system checks auto-remediate no matter the time of day, so when something does go wrong you don’t even notice. Anything below our management standard gets flagged for review by our team.

Automated Windows Update
The management system will also update all of your windows updates as well as several other third party applications, never have to worry about updates again for your windows operating system
Enterprise Data Security

You need more than just a virus scanner, threats come from every corner of the internet and you need to be properly protected. Our enterprise antivirus is top-notch in its class and provides the low-profile and silent protection you need. No Pop-Ups!

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