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Who is this information for?

This information is geared towards current managed service users as it details processes, recommended best practices and terms of service and our policies on all modules within the managed services plan.

The knowledge below explains in detail our managed services and their planned capabilities. If you want to learn more about the specific program, please click one of the below icons. Before all the details of each program is a generic overview of our systems including Remote Assistance, Antitivirus and Managed Patching.

Desktop Program

This is our entry level program, it provides basic protection such as enterprise security/ antivirus as well as patch management. Online backup is available but only for single user clients (Residential and Home Office) as the backup in these plans are not recommended for multi computer/user environments and not geared towards business performance SLAs

Proactive Program

Our proactive program is our entry level for small and medium business. In addition to antivirus and patch management we offer performance monitoring, backup management and regular maintenance to keep the computer clutter free and working properly

Full Program

This program has it all, all of our managed service features and unlimited remote and onsite support. These packages can save you hundreds in IT support and can help catapult your computer systems and their users to a higher level of use and smarter level of use by optimizing networks and computers and making them work smarter for you

Desktop Program Maintenance Calendar

Desktop Maintenance Schedule

Quick System Scan (5:00 AM)Quick System Scan (5:00 AM)Quick System Scan (5:00 AM)Quick System Scan (5:00 AM)Full System Scan (1:00 AM)
AV Defender MaintenanceUpgrade, Update, Reboot (If Necessary) 11PMUpgrade, Update, Reboot (If Necessary) 11PMUpgrade, Update, Reboot (If Necessary) 11PMUpgrade, Update, Reboot (If Necessary) 11PMUpgrade, Update, Reboot (If Necessary) 11PMUpgrade, Update, Reboot (If Necessary) 11PM
PATCH MANAGEMENT ONLYReboot System (if Required) 3AMPatch Installation (Midnight, 2am and Noon)Patch Installation (Midnight, 2am and Noon)
Here is our maintenance schedule. These routines run on your computer silently every week unless otherwise indicated.
Proactive/ Full Program Maintenance Calendar

Proactive Maintenance Schedule

Delete Temp Files (4pm)Delete Temp Files (4pm)Create Windows Restore Point (6:00 PM)Delete Temp Files (4pm)
Sync Time with DC or Global (3:00 PM)Sync Time with DC or Global (3:00 PM)Clean Windows Update Cache Folders (8:00PM Last Thursday of Month Only)Sync Time with DC or Global (3:00 PM)
Delete Windows Temp (4:30PM)Delete Windows Temp (4:30PM)Wilkins IT Managed Device Maintenance (9:00 PM)Delete Windows Temp (4:30PM)
Quick System Scan (5:00 AM)Quick System Scan (5:00 AM)Quick System Scan (5:00 AM)Quick System Scan (5:00 AM)Full System Scan (1:00 AM)
Reboot System (if Required) 12AMPatch Installation (Midnight, 2am and Noon)Patch Installation (Midnight, 2am and Noon)
AV Defender MaintenanceUpgrade, Update, Reboot (If Necessary) 11PMUpgrade, Update, Reboot (If Necessary) 11PMUpgrade, Update, Reboot (If Necessary) 11PMUpgrade, Update, Reboot (If Necessary) 11PMUpgrade, Update, Reboot (If Necessary) 11PMUpgrade, Update, Reboot (If Necessary) 11PM
Here is our maintenance schedule. These routines run on your computer silently every week unless otherwise indicated.

About our Maintenance Windows

Maintenance windows are an easy way for us to schedule maintenance and keep your computers running in top shape. These windows will be well identified and ensure that majority if not all of the service on the computers are done during this time. These windows are always outside regular business hours and can be different for different sections of your business. During these maintenance windows the following items are usually performed

  • Full Antivirus System Scans
  • Microsoft Patch Management
  • 3rd Party Patch Management
  • Proactive Maintenance Tasks
  • Fully Managed Optimization Tasks
  • Refresh Reboot

At the end of each maintenance window the machine will usually reboot. Our recommendation is for your computer to reboot at least once a week anyways to ensure a variety of network services and resources are fresh and you maintain a proper link to your business. By incorporating a reboot into each maintenance window we can easily keep your computer fresh and have your temporary files and caches clean with new data so that your computer is running optimally at all times.

Our Antivirus/ Security Solution

Our current antivirus provider is a product called Security Defender which is a branded version of BitDefender. Bitdefender is an award winning antivirus solution and is one of the highest rated antivirus solutions in the world. It has the highest percentage of caught viruses and also has the lowest if not zero false positives.

A false positive is a file or executable that is treated as a virus or infection by your AV system. This can wreck havoc on your machine and destroy good files just because the file meets some minimal system detection.

The security defender software is also the most lightweight system we have seen to date. Our previous provider’s business grade AV software could use hundreds of MB of RAM and be active on the disk and processor more than necessary. Security defender still uses resources (like all AV products) but the system is much quieter than others and has some of the lowest impact to system performance we and third party AV testers has seen


Here is a quick video on how to perform certain tasks if you want to do so. The antivirus system is fully automated and does not need user interaction at all. The system will automatically prompt you to restart if it requires it with a restart window that pops up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Managed Patch System

Managed patching is the best time saver that you never knew you needed! Microsoft places patches out automatically and your computer schedules them for install automatically depending on your settings. You are still the initiator of the updates and restarting the computer and ensuring the patches were applied properly. Also if you delay updates and they pile up there is potential for incompatible updates that need to be applied in succession thus causing failed updates and more wasted time instead of having them done automatically.

What applications do you support for patching?

Currently all microsoft products are including in microsoft patching (Windows, Office, Messenger, etc.)

The following third party applications will also be auto-updated with the patch management system


  • Adobe Air
  • Adobe Flash-ActiveX
  • Adobe Flash Plugin
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Shockwave
  • Citrix Receiver
  • Google Earth
  • iTunes
  • Java 6 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Java 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Notepad ++
  • Skype
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • VLC Media Player (32-bit/64-bit)
  • WinRAR (32-bit/64-bit)
  • WinZip (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Foxit Reader
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera (32-bit/64-bit)
  • QuickTime
  • Safari
  • SeaMonkey

Remote Assistance System

With all of our managed service plans comes with our remote assistance program that gives us the much needed ability to easily support you and your employees. With one click a request is sent to your screen to allow us onto the machine for remote support. Here are some quick FAQ’s

Do you have remote access to my system all the time?

Yes, our system that administers the patching and antivirus solution has remote access enabled, there is a prompt to allow us onto your machine when you request it, if you are in the middle of something or cannot allow us simply click Deny/ Cancel and it will reject the incoming connection. Please note we will never connect to your machine without your prior knowledge. All of our remote sessions are tracked in a detailed audit log which is available upon request and is also summarized in your monthly executive report.

If I am not at the computer/ Don’t click accept/deny on the prompt, are you still able to get in?

Yes, this is an important feature for after hours maintenance and requests. Lets say for example you are having printer issues and have to go to a meeting. While you are out at your meeting we can log on and diagnose and fix the printer so that when you return you are able to immediately return to work and print your items and continue without any interruption from us.

Can other people use this remote software to gain access to my computer?

No, the remote system is only triggerable from inside our management system which requires a username and password to get onto and is fully secured with SSL technology. The system generates what’s called a reverse HTTP Tunnel which basically forces control of the connection from the agent (your computer) side. No one can initiate a remote control or even communicate with the software without the agent itself communicating directly with it first. This allows the program to verify the identity of the management server it is communicating with itself before attempting or allowing any configuration data passing through to the server.

The identity of the server is verified with a combination of access hashes, IP whitelisting and Hostname routing. The agent expects a certain path to get to its own server and any deviation of the path causes the agent to go through a full verification of the destination server before opening the pipe. By allowing the agent to control the pipe, no one can send commands to the agent unless the agent connects to them first, eliminating the man-in-the-middle attacks or any other brute force entry.

Desktop Program

Our desktop program uses our Security Defender and Patch management system to provide you with updates and antivirus 100% remotely and automatic. In addition to these services you also have access to our light monitoring where we can keep track of average CPU and RAM usage as well as general Operating System information and configuration. This package is an entry level package and provides no access to our maintenance system or optimization routines which run on our Proactive and Fully Managed programs. Here is a quick breakdown on the three tiers of the desktop program

Desktop Program

  • Managed Antivirus

Desktop+ program

  • Managed Antivirus
  • Managed Microsoft Patching
  • Managed 3rd Party Patching

Desktop Premium Program

  • Managed Antivirus
  • Managed Microsoft Patching
  • Managed 3rd Party Patching
  • Unlimited single computer backup subscription with Carbonite

Proactive Program

Our proactive system builds onto the desktop program and adds managed backup, license and asset management as well as scheduled preventative maintenance.

Managed Backup

With our backup program installed onto your site (company location) we can then administer backup systems on each computer that is managed under the proactive program. This includes but is not limited to initializing backups, checking backups and verifying them to ensure that files are being backed up. This service does not guarantee backup performance nor backup continuity, it is a service that helps establish performance and continuity. Backup systems of any caliber require testing and maintenance and must be regularly checked for performance. No one service provider will ever be able to guarantee backup.

License and Asset Management

This service is attached to our Proactive Server product which gives us the ability to with detail document your technology assets and record their warranty, purchase dates and planned EOL (End of Life) dates. In addition to this we can also manage your Microsoft Windows and Office licensing ensuring that you are using 1) the appropriate licenses for your business and 2) ensuring that you are buying licenses that you need to maintain compliance and reusing licenses when you are allowed to

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is a huge part of the longevity of any computer. Keeping your computer clean and organized is the goal of preventative maintenance. On a monthly basis (built into the weekly maintenance schedules) we will perform the following tasks

  • Delete Temporary files from the system and user profiles
  • Clean out the internet caches of your web browsers
  • Schedule defragment of the hard drive
  • Empty Recycle Bin
  • Flush DNS cache


Fully Managed Program

Our fully managed program builds on-top of the Proactive system and adds Server and Workstation Optimization, Configuration Management & Enforcement, and unlimited remote & onsite support

Server and Workstation Optimization

Preventative maintenance will help prolong the life of your computer by keeping it organized and clean, but what if something came misconfigured from the manufacturer or there are other best practices that could get you even more out of our desktop/ server? Optimization allows us to take a look “under the hood” and tweak each and every detail of your server and workstation and make recommended changes and help you implement any policies and procedures needed to ensure the life of your computer is extended as much as possible. In addition to tweaking software and operating system configurations we also help with recommended upgrades and help you plan and slate upgrades before they become necessary and cause downtime

Configuration Management & Enforcement

After you spend thousands of dollars on your server and setup, shouldn’t you protect it by following Microsoft server best practices and enforcing certain policies and procedures on workstations like password complexity and proper logon rights? Fully managed programs allow us to work with you to fine tune your GPO’sGroup Policy Object or if on a workgroup or separate environment, help develop operating plans for your employees to ensure that your hardware and software is used appropriately and you get maximum usage out of all of your technology.

Unlimited Remote and Onsite Support

This is an easy explanation, Monday to Friday regular business hours support. Easily open tickets and manage your technology infrastructure without worrying of the technician bill when the job is done. Onsite support is determined necessary by Wilkins IT Solutions as most issues can be resolved via remote support.

What does unlimited support cover?

Unlimited support covers general troubleshooting of problems with the computer or general software you use (microsoft office, chrome, firefox etc.) It does not cover specific maintenance for custom software or industry specific systems like CRMs or other management software but support for these products can be added. Support also does not cover upgrades to your machine’s hardware or software (Some exceptions apply).

Managed Reports

When you are a monthly managed client, we will provide you a report on your IT activity. This represents all the of the managed assets that we track at your company, their performance and other metrics. With everything that we do at Wilkins IT, it may not grab all details such as your Office 365 licenses or recent laptop purchases but it gives you a comprehensive look at your Managed laptops, computers and servers. Click the button on the right to learn all about our Managed Reports.

Installation Help

You can watch the short video on the right to see how the installation process works, here is a text version of what needs to be done.

  1. Uninstall any antivirus system you currently have, this includes Norton, Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, McAffee, Malwarebytes or any other antivirus system you have.
  2. Download and run the installation file, your browser should do the following things
    1. Google Chrome: Will download automatically, click the button in the bottom left corner when download completes
    2. Mozilla FIrefox: Might automatically download or show a “Save or Cancel” pop-up, save and when done downloading run the application from the download arrow in the top right hand corner of the browser
    3. Internet Explorer/ Edge: Will prompt to run, save or cancel, Save and then run the application
  3. Once the pplication starts, you need to press NEXT until the installation completes.
  4. When you are prompted to “finish” click finish and your done! the system will take care of the rest of the setup silently in the background

We also have a suport agent that can go on your Windows desktop to help with support even more. You can follow instructions on how to complete this setup (takes less an 2min) by clicking the button below.

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