This article goes through how to start an On-Demand support session with Wilkins IT Solutions using the On-Demand agent. In order to follow these steps your computer needs to already have our support agent installed on it. In most cases we will request that you start the agent so we can initiate a session, but if you follow these steps and cannot locate the agent then the agent may not be installed, in which case we will offer alternative options to start a session.

  1. Open the Start Menu on the computer and begin typing Agent Monitor; you should see the Agent Monitor application appear, just click on it to launch
  2. The Agent Monitor system tray icon should appear in the notification area near the time. If you don’t see it appear it may be hidden; you can click the caret ( ^ ) icon to show hidden items and view it
  3. Right-click the Agent Monitor icon near the time then in the menu that appears click Open
  4. In the RMM window that appears, click the Connect button

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Once you’ve clicked connect the agent should be set up to allow us to initiate a remote session. If you receive an error make sure you can connect to the internet, otherwise you should be all set now. If you’re encountering issues don’t hesitate to contact us.

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