When you are wanting to move to another service provider for email, whether it be from one provider to another (yahoo.com to outlook.com) or your moving hosting providers for your business website you are going to want to keep your emails. There are two methods that you can use to transfer your emails to the other provider. Option 1: Using IMAP Why: Using IMAP is good if you have multiple devices/ have all your emails online What is needed: desktop email application (outlook, iMail, Thunderbird) Mozilla Thunderbird is recommended and will be used in this example. Download Mozilla Thunderbird here Steps: 1. With Mozilla Thunderbird installed (or with your application of choice) make sure your old email address is added through IMAP (If it is on there as a POP account, go to the POP section to view the steps there) click here to see how to setup your primary account 2. Once your main account is loaded up, you need to add your secondary account to being transferring over emails, follow the same steps as before to add your second/ new IMAP account. NOTE: If you are moving business hosts (your email will not be changing @yourdomain.com) you need to enter the IP Address of your new mail server or the address that your new host provides you 3. With your secondary account loaded, you can begin moving over your emails to your new email. In thunderbird, highlight what you want to transfer over and drag them to your new account. We recommend only doing a few emails at a time (10-30) to ensure that they move properly. 4. Once your emails have all been moved, you are going to want to verify they moved by logging into your new email service’s webmail service (through your browser) 5.  Remove your old account, and your emails are transferred over. Option 2: Using POP Why: If you already have POP setup or you want to have a local copy of your emails, use POP. NOTE: using this method does not actually move your emails to your new provider, it simply makes them available all under the same mailbox but only on your desktop. What is needed: Desktop mail application such as Mozilla Thunderbird Steps: 1) With your mail application installed, make sure your primary account is setup as POP 2) Make sure it has downloaded all the new emails from your account 3) go into your settings on your mail application and change your mail credentials to your new provider 4) your mail will now flow from your new address into your ‘old’ mailbox so all of your emails are in the same place. Wilkins IT will move your email automatically from your old provider to Wilkins IT hosting, when we are all done we will let you know the new credentials for your mail service.

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