If you use our managed services on your computers, you have access to special functions that can help make certain tasks or troubleshooting steps easier on the computer. This article will explain how to use the “Tasks” functions built into our remote management systems.

You should be able to find our agent icon in your notification area near in the bottom-right of the screen beside the time (you may have to click the arrow icon if you have a lot of other items in that area). When you locate it just double-click it to open the agent window.

Note: If you don’t have the icon in the notification area, open the Windows Start Menu and do a search for Agent Browser and launch that. Afterwards the icon should appear in the regular notification area.

The default view in the Agent Browser window will show you some information about your computer. This is the Summary tab, look for the other tab named Tasks and click on it.

The Tasks tab shows you some basic scripts that you have the ability to run on the computer. The list of items may grow or shrink as we update and tweak our services.

To run one of the scripts, look to the right-hand side of the item. Under the Run column there is a gear icon – click the gear icon to run the script. A progress wheel will appear while the script is attempting to run and will disappear once it has run. After the progress wheel disappears it is safe to close this window and assume the script ran correctly.

The agent browser Tasks tab

How to run a task

That’s the basics of running tasks using our agent browser application. In general, any of the items listed in tasks are intended as a self-service troubleshooting step that can be used safely without fear of causing any further issues on the computer. If this article didn’t answer your questions about this topic or you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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