What is ID Protection?

WHOIS Privacy
ID Protection is a secondary service that helps protect your contact information inside a WHOIS database. WHOIS is a term used that means to look up “Who Is” the domain owner of a particular domain. Some country level domains such as .CA provide free WHOIS privacy for certain types of registrants such as the type “Canadian Citizen” Most of the common domains (.COM, .NET, etc) do not provide free protection and you must pay for it unless a domain registrar is providing it as part of the domain price service.
ID Protection on your Domain

There are free services that provide you WHOIS ID Protection on your domain

Free WHOIS ID Protection
Other than paying for your ID Protection which should only be $4-7 extra per year which is the fastest and most common way of protecting your ID, your next option is to use free services and configure them yourself.
myprivacy.ca provides a free WHOIS data protection using their system. All you need to do is signup for an account to get your free @myprivacy.ca address and it will provide you with free email privacy in your domain registration.

What myprivacy.ca doesn’t provide:

myprivacy.ca does not provide protection against billing address, this is where a paid ID protection service gives you the full protection from top to bottom.

Why do I need to protect my billing address?

There are many scams out there that will mail you renewal letters to bring your domain “up to date” Below are two common scam’s we get from our customers and others all the time. Scam companies mine the WHOIS data for specific information and then email or mail you domain renewal notices to try and get your domain and charge an outrageous amount for “enhanced protection”. They also use scare tactics such as “you MUST renew or your domain will lose its rights” or “Your domain will expire and disappear, you must renew now!”

The Bottom Line:

Your domain provider should never email you from obscure addresses and send you letter mail that isn’t directly from them. For the most part, your domain renewal is an automatic process and you should be receiving notifications near your renewal from the domain registrar and not from the bogus emails and addresses like you see below.

Domain Renewal Letter Scam
Domain Renewal Email Scam

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