This walkthrough is intended to setup new Canon Multifunction machines that have been setup in your network and that also use Accounting codes to track usage. We will specifically be setting up the Canon C5535 today.

Installing the printer drivers

  • Open the unzipped folder and within that open the x64 folder, then locate the file called Setup (its icon should be an image of a CD) and open it
  • You may receive a prompt asking “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” – click Yes to proceed

UPDATE: Oct 23rd 2017.

As of this morning, Canon’s support site seems to be offline. Here is a ZIP of the installer we used to setup the printers in this walkthrough. We recommend downloading the latest ones from Canon if available but you can use these ones if needed.


  • The next window should be a license agreement, you must click Yes to proceed
  • In the next window make sure the radio button beside Standard is selected, the rest of the options should be unselected, click Next
  • On the following screen check the box for “Canon Driver Information Assist Serice” then click next
  • You may receive a warning prompt about Windows Firewall, if so click Yes to proceed
  • Allow the program to search for printers, after a moment the detected printers should appear in a list. Select the printer to be added by checking the box beside its name and click Next. If you are adding multiple Canon Multifunction printers, you can check multiple boxes. Please ensure that the driver you are installing is compatible with the printer model your adding.
  • The next screen will provide a summary of the printer being added, just click the Start button
  • Once the process completes you can click Exit (You do not need to click the checkbox for “Restart My Computer Now”)

Configuring the new printer to use accounting codes

  • Open the start menu and type “control panel” into the search – the Control Panel item should appear, click it to open
  • Inside Control Panel click on “View devices and printers” listed under Hardware and Sound. Note: if Control Panel does not look the same as the screenshot in this guide, change the view by clicking on Large icons or Small icons beside the “View by:” label and select Category
  • Locate the printer you added previously and right-click it, then click Printer properties
  • In the Properties window, click the Device Settings tab. Within here make sure the Set User Information(L) option is checked, and the User Management(J): option is set to Department ID Management. Once those are set click the Settings… button
  • In the Settings window check the Allow PIN Settings button, enter your department number in the Department ID: field and click Verify to confirm it is working. Once you’ve confirmed it you can click OK to close this window
  • Back on the Properties window, click the General tab and then click the Print Test Page button, the page should print confirming you are able to print documents at the new printer. This step isn’t required but we recommend it to ensure that the printer is working properly for you.

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