If you use Office 365 sometimes you may delete a file or folder, only to realize later you still need it! If you’re using OneDrive to save and synchronize your files you may still be able to recover the file or folder. This article goes through the process of recovering a deleted file when it was saved within OneDrive.

How to potentially recover a deleted file from OneDrive

  1. First log in to your Office 365 account
  2. From the portal click the OneDrive app button
  3. After the page loads for OneDrive notice the list on the left underneath your name, click on Recycle bin
  4. By default the Recycle bin is sorted in reverse-chronological order. Look through the list of items for the one you want to recover. If you have multiple items you can control + click or shift + click to select multiple items.
  5. Once you have the items selected, click the Restore button at the top. The items will be restored to their last location prior to deletion.

Note: If you cannot find the item, then it is most likely not recoverable or wasn’t in OneDrive to begin with

The OneDrive app button

The OneDrive Recycle bin

The Restore button

The Restore notification

We don’t recommend relying on this functionality as a form of backing up your data, as this can be unreliable and ultimately Microsoft are not responsible for your data. However this is a good place to check in the event you accidentally delete something. If you’re interested in setting up a backup service, we offer multiple options so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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