If you’re running into issues using any of the Office 365 applications, you may want to disable any Add-Ins that could be active and potentially causing issues for you. This article will explain where to go to disable Add-Ins for those applications.

  1. Open the application (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc..)
  2. Click File > Options > Add-ins
  3. Near the bottom of the Add-ins window look for a drop-down menu labeled Manage:. In most cases you’ll want to set this selection to COM Add-ins then click Go…
  4. To disable an add-in just un-check the box beside the add-in name. If you’d prefer to completely remove it then select it’s name and click the Remove button. When you’re done just click the OK button.
  5. For good measure we recommend closing the application and re-launching it, but in most cases this isn’t necessary.

If you continue to encounter issues with the applications then at the least you’ve isolated the problem to not necessarily be with an add-in that was loading. If we missed anything or you need any further assistance with your Office 365 applications, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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