This article was last updated November 2019

This is another requested how-to for setting up shared mailboxes to be able to be viewed on mobile. Shared mailboxes are a great way to share data between multiple accounts which is great for small teams that both deal with accounting needs or sales needs. Simply have a “[email protected]” shared mailbox (which is free with your office 365 licenses) and have the mailbox show up between each of you!

SOME NOTES: We are using 100% Microsoft apps and services here, you should use the Microsoft Outlook app for your device (get it for Android here and iOS here), it is a good app that works great with your Office 365 account. This is also for Office 365 Business Essentials customers and up, this is for an organizational email system, not a personal subscription or an system.

!IMPORTANT! Your IT needs to have setup the shared mailbox with Full Access Permission enabled in order for you to achieve this. Without full access you cannot perform the necessary steps on mobile to achieve this.

Microsoft and their many links

You will see throughout this article references to links. They all are from the same platform. If as you are doing these steps you jump between, this is ok. Some you may see while you are doing this all are.

This is the main entry point for everything you can do in Office 365

This is the main link for your Outlook Web App (OWA) or “Webmail”

This is microsoft’s login portal, you may start here after you try and login for the first time, this is a temporary ‘pit stop’ as you navigate through office 365.

Adding a shared mailbox to the Outlook app

Note: These steps were tested using an Android phone, however they should be virtually identical when using the Outlook iOS app on an iPhone / iPad.

  1. Open the Outlook app (if you haven’t used this before you may have to complete the initial set up to link it with your account), with it open tap the 3 horizontal lines icon to expand the folder pane
  2. Look for the add mailbox button and tap it (if you only have a single account configured it should be the second button down below your own account)
  3. Tap the Add a shared mailbox option along the bottom
  4. Choose the account that has access to the shared mailbox (if you only have a single account configured you’ll only be presented that account)
  5. Enter the shared mailbox address in the field, then tap the Continue button
  6. The account should be added now and displaying it’s inbox to you now
  7. If you need to switch between mailbox views, tap the 3 horizontal lines icon to expand the folder pane and tap the account you want to switch to

That’s it, you should have the necessary access to the shared mailbox and be able to view and manage it from your mobile device now!

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Sending mail as the shared mailbox

  1. When composing a new email on the Outlook app, tap the arrow icon (found just below the New message title at the top)
  2. Select the shared mailbox account from the list, the email will be sent as the shared mailbox address now

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