[icegram campaigns=”2900″] To turn auto correct on and off on your Samsung S4 device, follow the below steps. 1. With the keyboard open (typing in a text etc.) Your keyboard options will ne accesible from a down swipe at the top menu. Click the ‘Select Input Method’ image

2. On the screen that pops up next, click the “set up input methods” button at the bottom of the popup
3. On the next screen click the gearbox beside the “Samsung Keyboard” image

4. To open up your Predictive text options click the ‘Predictive Text’ on the text, do not turn off the option, click right on the text image

5. You will then see your list of options. To turn auto correct on and off simply check or uncheck the “Auto replacement” check box image

All done! No more auto-correct, the ability to insert quick words and select the proper spelling is still available with Predictive Text still enabled.

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