The instructions in this article were last updated as of October 2019. These instructions no longer work as of MacOS Mojave (10.14) due to changes Apple have made to their Mail application.

If you need to access an Office 365 shared mailbox you will need to either use the Webmail or install and use Outlook for Mac to do so unfortunately.

If you have an Office 365 licensed account for email you can add it to the MacOS Mail application to manage and view your emails. This article will go through the process for adding your email account.

  1. Open the Mail app if you haven’t already. If you don’t have any accounts already configured in it, you’ll immediately be prompted to add an account. If you have other accounts already configured then you’ll need to click Mail > Add Account… from the menu bar first
  2. For the Choose a Mail account provider… prompt, select the Exchange type and then click Continue
  3. Enter your name for the account and then the email address then click Sign In
  4. You should see a prompt asking if you want to Sign in to your Exchange account using Microsoft? – click the Sign In button
  5. If you’re prompted whether this account is a Work or Personal account select Work or school account (if we created this account for you, at least)
  6. Enter your password and click Sign in
  7. Finally you’ll be prompted for other data you want to use in various other MacOS apps, tick or un-tick the boxes for what you want to use, then click Done

You should now have your Office 365 email synchronizing with your MacOS Mail application. You may want to set up signatures or make some other customization changes but otherwise you should be all set now. If we missed anything or you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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