If your organization uses Shared Mailboxes inside Office 365, you may need to access one of these special mailboxes on your Mac when using the Outlook application. Follow these steps to access the mailbox easily. 

Note that you’ll need to be granted access to the shared mailbox beforehand, if you cannot find the mailbox to add and/or receive an error this is usually the issue.

  1. With the Outlook app active, click Outlook on the Menu Bar then click Preferences…
  2. In the Outlook Preferences window, click on the Accounts button found under Personal Settings
  3. You should see your existing account(s) configured in the Accounts window, select the account from the list along the left-hand side then click the Advanced… button
  4. Click the Delegates tab, then under the section Open these additional mailboxes: click the + button
  5. In the Choose a Person window, begin typing the mailbox address to cause it to appear in the list, then click on it in that list and finally click the Add button
  6. You should see the mailbox appear in the list under Open these additional mailboxes: – you can click the OK button to save the changes, then close the other windows that may be open and return to the main Outlook window
  7. You should now see the account listed among your existing account. If you only had one account configured previously, you’ll also see a new item for All Accounts at the top

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That’s everything, you should now have access to the shared mailbox in the app and can manage it as you need. If we missed anything or you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

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