Wilkins IT Managed Reports

This walkthrough will show you everything you need ot know about our Managed Reports.

We will go block by block, on the common items that are on all the reports. As we expand detail and improve the reports we will update this page with the changes

This post is extremely detailed and is not necessary to go through unless your curious on all the different sections. We have also made links  for all the main components.

A note on our managed reports.

These reports are intended to be for informational purposes. The reports are designed to give you a quick insight into the status of your managed devices and your network. We do a multitude of managed services at Wilkins IT, from Antivirus and Backup all the way up to web hosting and office 365. Certain aspects of services we provide to you may not be on this report.

This report is for your Managed Windows and Mac Devices. Any devices that are not managed will not be included in these reports.

The First Section: Overall Score

This is a quick summary of all the sections below. It is designed to give you a quick scorecard of the health of your business.

Different sections have different weights depending on the severity. For example you may (and we help you determine) not have Warranties as an especially important metric so its impact will be minimal if you are scored an “F” on the report (as shown in the example picture)

This page if your in a rush or don’t need the additional detail from the subsequent pages this is the only page you need to read! You only continue if you really need to dig into detail on the sections, each metric here on this summary page has a more detailed section below.

The Second Section: Asset Management

This section dives into the core details of your network. It goes over three main components for you to take a deeper look at.

Devices Under Management

This section details all devices that we detected on your network that we are currently managing and also list any other devices on your corporate network that we don’t know about. This includes smartphones and any other device that has network access. It is important to have proper network segregation for all business, non-business and guest devices

Server and Network Warranty

This section details any discoverable warranties based on serial numbers we have gotten from the devices and track them with the appropriate manufacturer


Workstation, Laptop and Mobile Warranty

This section is separate from the Server and Network for a very important reason. You may not care about a warranty on a laptop because they are replaced so frequently. Server’s and core business hardware should always have a valid warranty or maintenance plan that allows an easy replacement system or proper end-of-life planning.

The Third Section: Security Monitoring

This section dives into end-device based metrics like patching & security


Good endpoint management is critical to your data security, this includes a proper business grade AV solution that keeps your data safe and your employees productive. Your managed service comes with our AV Defender which is an enterprise grade service that updates consistently. This report shows any devices that may have not kept up to our standards and have fallen out of date. Usually this is from a device no longer being used or someone on vacation and the machine isn’t on for a period of time.

Windows Patching

Also with your management is our patch management system. For all Windows Pro devices we control all patching done on your machines to maximize the security and stability of your system. This chart section measures all patches available on your network and then tracks any patches that are not installed. The biggest reason behind not-installed patches would be devices that have been off for a while or patches that were released in between our patch cycle and this report coming out.


3rd Party Patching

We have a long list of 3rd party applications that we support and can update such as Java, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. There is a full list on our Managed Services page here.

The calculation is the same with Windows patching, we measure total installed VS. total available and needed and it gives us a grade.

The Fourth Section: Data Protection

This section details any specific data protection systems we have on your network. If you are using any of our endpoint services to protect against localized ransomware or are utilizing our documents system to protect any information not used inside a filesharing system, this section will have data inside of it. Some of our Data Security products do not fall into this report so your’s may show an “N/A” in the score. If you have any questions you can always ask for clarification.


The Fifth Section: Network Reliability

If we manage any of your network devices for you or if you are using our fully managed network stack, the reliability of thaose devices will be shown here. What specifically we monitor in this report is connectivity/ uptime of the device. Specific performance metrics such as packet loss or collisions are monitored in a more detailed report and is not included in the Executive Summary.


The Sixth Section: Performance

This last section details performance metrics for your machines. If any of your machines are failing your employees or are potentially causing a bottleneck in your performance they will show up here as a mark. This is the main driver we use for end of life planning. This report as well as the Technical Summary report which is run manually will detail specific times and graphs on computer performance for us to appropriately measure if a machine needs to be replaced.

Server Performance

This shows a quick chart of all the servers we manage and if they are hitting capacity. Capacity is measure in total Disk Usage, Average CPU time or Average RAM usage. If any of these metrics are above our standards they will show up in a detailed report

Workstation Performance

It is more likely your workstations will show up on here as they age or your employees do more with their machines. Using the data we collect we can easily help you determine if there is any software on the machine causing the slow down or if there is something that we should look at modifying/ upgrading


Additional Detail Pages

If one of the sections do not meet our standard of service that we declare with you, then additional detailed pages will show up with specific points of discussion. Each section has its own pass/ fail mark and if they exceed this threshold the detail is automatically recorded.

There are some detailed page examples to see, when a detailed page exists there is almost always a pre-discussion to the issue before it becomes a serious problem. All of our thresholds for detail are well above operability to give us both enough time to address an issue before it becomes serious.

We hope this technical deep dive into our monthly executive report has been helpful. If you have any questions or need anything else please do not hesitate to get a hold of us!


Worksation/ Laptop Performance Detail

3rd Party Detail

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