In order to increase your WordPress site responsiveness you can install many plug-ins that will allow your pages to speed up by caching the pages for view.

Caching is a method where you take an exact copy of your site and store them on the server’s hard drive or some other CDN system so that when someone views your webpage it goes to that static content and does not take time in generating the dynamic content your WordPress site creates.

This is both a good and bad thing, the good side is your pages load much faster and your server load is much smaller as everyone is seeing the static content created by caching. The bad thing is that the content is static, so any updates you do need to be re-cached. Most plugins do this and W3 Total Cache does do this but there are sometimes in some themes where this is not the case.

We are not going to document what theme’s have issues with this we are going to show you how you can force an update of the cache if you are adding content and it is not showing on your static live site that the caching is creating.

Step 1: Go to W3 Total Cache, you must be a WordPress administrator to view this plugin, if you do not see the plugin on the left hand side, contact your service provider. W3_002
Step 2: In the dashboard that opens up when you first click you will see “Empty Disk Cache”, click this button and it will empty the cache for you and allow your content to be reloaded. NOTE: This is not instant! it will take a minute or two (or maybe more depending on the amount and size of content you have) for the content to re-load

In order to make sure that your content is fresh, you should clear your browsing cache also in your browser. To do this you can look at our article’s on clearing your browsing history here

While using the W3 plugin and updating content you may also see the following message appear after you have updated content.
These are merely transfers that are “stuck” in your upload queue that feeds your cache, you should clear those out as soon as you see this message. To do this click on the “unsuccessful transfer queue” button and a popup will open showing the bad transfers/ etc. Simply click on “Empty Upload Queue” to clean out the transfers and allow W3 to transfer the new content over.

Those are the basics of using the W3 total cache plugin, if you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to Contact Us for help.

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