Setting up and using our Assistant Agent

Apr 4, 2017PC, Wilkins IT Services

Before we get into our support tool that is built into our managed computers. Lets quickly review some other options we have in case you are not at your computer that we manage or get only web support from us


Durham Region: 289-481-2051



Welcome to our how-to on using our assistant. You can either watch the YouTube video that is just to the right of this or take a look at the how-to steps below.

Step 1

Right click on the Wilkins IT tool labelled RMM and either click “Request support or “Take Screenshot and Request Support”

Step 2

Fill out the fields and describe what problem you are experiencing and how we can help. Please make sure you enter the detail of the urgency and who is affected

Step 3

Hit Submit, your done!

Open a support ticket

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