Hey there! Thank you for your interest in purchasing backblaze through Wilkins IT. Using some good old muscle we can get licenses for cheaper than you can get them from Backblaze for your first year and every dollar counts! We only have a limited number of initial licenses and when they are gone, the form will revert to our regular offer pricing.

So how do you get your license?

Here are the steps

  1. You will need a backblaze account, you want to signup for a trial here. Simply click “meet personal backup”, put in your email address and a desired password and click “start backing up” this gives you a trial download to use and is needed in order to use a prepaid code that you will get from us. PLEASE NOTE: You must have an ACTIVE TRIAL on the computer you are going to use this code with
  2. Once the backup starts and the program is setup, you will want to fill out the below form and pay for the license.
  3. Once the payment is received and processed then we will send you your license code for your 1 year of backblaze.

All Done!

You may notice the security lock in the top left corner of your browser states that the page isn’t fully secure. This is because images throughout the wordpress site will not be secured. The form below is fully secured and encrypted.

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