If you’re assigned as a Password Administrator for your Office 365 organization, you have the ability to reset user passwords whenever it’s necessary. This article will go over where and how you can reset users passwords using the admin portal. Please note that you must be assigned the special role by your Office 365 Administrator before you can follow these steps.

  • Log into your Office 365 account and access the admin portal
  • Navigate to Users > Active users (you may have to click Users to expand it)
  • Locate the user account that you’d like to reset the password for and click on their name, then click on the key icon found near the top of the profile panel that appears
  • Choose to either Auto-generate the password or set one manually, and optionally whether to require the user to set a new password when they first log back in and then click Reset
  • You should see the newly generated password (if you selected that option) or the manually set one. Finally you can choose to send this password in an email (we strongly suggest communicating this new password to the user over the phone or in person if possible), when you’re done click Close

That’s everything, the users password should be reset and they’ll be able to login to their account using this new password now. If we missed anything or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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