Wilkins IT Quarterly Newsletter Q2 2016

Jul 8, 2016

As the tech world continues to evolve, were here with you to stay with the new technology and make changes as needed to implement the best technology around for our small business clients!
Here’s what’s new
  • Office 365 is now in Canada, deploy your email to Canadian servers and take in all the benefits of Office 365
  • Cloud backup services are also coming up to Canada, until now, US backup has been the most reputable and reliable, Canadian providers are starting to carve a proper stance in backup.
  • File Sharing is more important than ever, using file sharing systems and tools you can easily collaborate on projects with others, send files securely and maintain proper privacy to your documents in the cloud

Cloud Backup is refreshed

We have been using a specific cloud backup service for quite a while and has served us very well. We will continue to use it but the system is cumbersome for our smaller clients that don’t have huge amounts of data or a large amount of devices to protect. We now offer cloud backup on a per device level as well as a per “site” level. These two varying protection policies allow us to protect your entire organization whether its just you and your NAS or you have a large office with many devices that need to be protected. Which one should you choose? We can help make that distinction which is dependent on what kind of backup you need and for how many devices. If you have one server and a few desktops but have everything on the server, then our per device backup is probably a better solution than our site level backup. If you have a lot of data to protect (more than 1TB of data you want cloud-backup on) then our site level protection is what you need as this backup service has unlimited GB protection for all managed devices. This is all something we take into consideration when we are talking with you and working through your IT requirements, we provide multiple solutions to provide you the best and most cost effective protection for your business. Our new backup service starts at $20 per device and backup size ranges from 100GB to 500GB of pooled data. Our pooling system allows you to have backups on multiple devices and share the total backup volume size, if you have a device that has more than 100GB of data to backup, you can “share” from another device and still back everything up.

File Sharing and Security

How many of you receive personal information via email? Credit card numbers, full name and address even SIN numbers on government forms? If the path from the sender to the receiver isn’t known, your putting your personal information at risk. Enter proper file sharing with Autotask Workplace (Formerly Soonr). Autotask Workplace is similar to your common file sharing system you can start for free like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive but on security steroids. Using advanced security permissions and project folder layouts it can protect all your work documents securely in HIPAA Compliant Security using the latest and greatest security standards. You need a demo in order to see this in action properly as there is dozens of things Autotask Workplace can do that the regular guys just cannot do. If you want our comparison sheet, just click here to get your hands on a PDF that stacks it up against all the pro versions of its competition.

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