Wilkins IT Quarterly Newsletter Q1 2016

Apr 11, 2016

Thank you for being a part of our years in business. We have made some significant changes that some of you have already experienced and for some of our services, you didn’t even feel the change as it was seamless. Here is a quick summary of everything that has changed.
  • Managed Services now expanded to handle hundreds of nodes connected to it. More power for all our clients so we can help you faster
  • Partnered with a fantastic third party Voice and Data provider who is able to provide VoIP at a fraction of the cost of your traditional phone line with the “guys in blue” read more…
  • Now partnered with Microsoft to provide the latest Office 365 deployment and Office apps directly to your computer
  • Partnered with the leader in secure online business file sharing and synchronization
  • Expanded our web infrastructure from 2 servers to 5 server to increase redundancy and performance
  • Fine tuned our support system to make it easier to submit tickets, get help and resolve your issue fast. Please watch this video (80 seconds) to learn more about our support system and how you can help us get you the fastest support

Meet Carolina

Carolina joins our team as the business administration professional here at Wilkins IT. You will start seeing her in emails more and more often and she will be helping us scheduling meetings, booking service calls and following up with us to keep our tech team organized. She will become a point of contact for just about anything scheduling related and will run all the administrative and day-to-day operations outside of our help desk and customer support. She will become an integral part to our projects and ensure that we are all keeping on-top of our task lists and getting things completed promptly. You can reach Carolina at [email protected]  

Updated Service Offerings

We have added some more business focused services to our portfolio to better enable small businesses to use the cloud and its power rather than leaning on clunky huge internal infrastructures. For the growing business landscape, more and more people are turning to remote work and home offices so being able to collaborate is imperative. Here is a quick list of some of our new services. If one of these services sounds like it might be a good fit for your business, let us know by clicking on it and filling out the short form.

Thanks for reading, do you need anything else?

We are always at the ready to assist you, give us a ring!

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