If you get enhanced email protection from Wilkins IT, we would be using our SpamExperts filtering servers to give you the extra layer of protection. What is SpamExperts? It is a secondary email filtering system that uses the knowledge of over 2 million domains to protect against viruses and malware on top of regular spam filtering practices. This results in a highly efficient system that protects your mailbox from spam and viruses that may normally get through to your inbox even if you are using Office 365.

Once we have verified everything is functioning normally, we typically set up a weekly email to be sent to you with your “quarantine”, we highly recommend you take a second to review the email and ensure we haven’t grabbed an email by accident. Each email can have one of 4 actions taken on them to either improve the spam filtering or just deliver/ delete the email to you. We will go through each one below.

1. Your first option is to “Release” the email. This will deliver the email to your inbox usually within a few minutes at the most.

2. The second option is to “Release and Train”, this is important if the email has been quarantined for the “Content” portion of the email. Training the SpamExperts that the content of that message is good not only improves your personal mailbox and all of the mailboxes in your organization, but the training data is updated for all SpamExperts users.

3. Your third option is “Whitelist Sender and Release”. This will give that address permanent access to send you email and bypasses our spam filtering. Please be careful using this option! Only use it if the “Release and Train” is not improving email for a particular sender.

4. Your final option is “Blacklist Sender and Remove” This will permanently Ban that address from being able to send you an email. This will permanently remove that email and all future emails without they going into your quarantine.


Not to worry! We can undo a blacklist and undo a whitelist but we cannot restore a message so be careful!

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