Proofpoint is an email filtering service used to prevent dangerous or otherwise unwanted emails from ever reaching your email inbox. This article intends to cover basic usage of the Proofpoint web console and it’s features. Some of our bundled services include this feature, if you are a client of Wilkins IT and are interested in trying out this service to see how it can work for you, please¬†contact us.

You can login to the console by visiting¬† Your login will be your email address, you can use either your Office 365 account to authenticate by clicking the Sign in with Microsoft button or you can use a standard password for the Proofpoint account. If you’re not sure what your password is or it’s the first time you’ve accessed the console, use the Forgot Password option to have a new password generated.

Log Search

The log search area allows you to search all logs related to your mailbox. The default search only includes Quarantined items; items held by the filter and not delivered to your inbox. If there is ever a message that was erroneously filtered out, you can select it from this search by clicking the checkbox beside it’s entry, then clicking the Actions dropdown you can select Release from quarantine or Release and approve then click the Apply button. Release from quarantine simply delivers that message to your inbox, whereas Release and approve will add the sender to a whitelist so future messages will be delivered as well.

Additionally, if there are messages being delivered to your mailbox that you believe are not being correctly identified and filtered out, you can select them in the log search, then use the Classify as spam action to tell the system to identify future messages as such.

Emergency Inbox

The Emergency Inbox is a special feature that can act as your temporary mailbox in the event your primary mail service becomes unavailable. These events are very uncommon, though if this occurs you can use this feature to continue to receive and reply to email. After clicking Emergency Inbox a new window will open with a standard webmail interface, new messages will appear in the list on the left, the content of messages appear on the right once clicked on. You can compose new email or manage messages using the various buttons across the top of the page.

If your primary email service is functioning normally, messages will not appear in this inbox as they’ll continue to be delivered as normal.

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