This post will go through the basic steps for adding an additional Office 365 email account to your Outlook application. If you have multiple accounts you can use the Outlook app to help keep yourself organized as it keeps your email, contacts and calendars in one central location and easily managable.

Outlook Desktop app

  1. Open Outlook if you don’t already have it running, then click File > Info  and click on the +Add Account button (this should be found under the Account Information header and just underneath the drop down that displays one of your already configured email accounts)
  2.  A new window should appear, in the Email address field enter the email you wish to add, then click the Connect button
  3. If the email is an Office 365 type account you should then be prompted for the password, enter it and then click Sign in
  4. If you’re prompted with a notice asking “Use this account everywhere on your device” you can decide whether you want it configured that way, click Yes or This app only to proceed
  5. You should then see in the window “Account successfully added” – if you have other accounts to add then fill in the new email address and repeat this process, otherwise click Done
  6. Your other email address and it’s folders should be available in Outlook now (usually listed below the previously configured accounts and folders), you can also find the calendar information and contacts information synchronizing as well

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Outlook Mobile app

  1. With the Outlook mobile app open, tap on the 3 horizontal lines in the top-left of the screen
  2. Tap the Add new account button found on the left-most side of the screen underneath your existing accounts
  3. Tap Add an account along the bottom of the screen
  4. Enter the email address then tap Continue
  5. Enter the password then tap Sign in

You should then have the account added and available in the app. You can switch between accounts by tapping the 3 horizontal lines icon in the top-left of the screen at any time.

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That’s everything you should need to get your additional Office 365 email configured in Outlook. If you have a different type of email account you can refer to our other article here that goes into more detail regarding account types such as POP and IMAP. If we missed anything or you need help with anything mentioned in this article, please contact us.

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