If you have a large file that someone is trying to provide you with and you can’t use email or other methods due to file size restrictions, and you have a Datto Drive account you can use it to set up a drop box system for such a file. This process is relatively simple and this article will guide you through how you can set it up!

How-to set it up

First you’ll need to log in to your Datto Drive account through your custom sub-domain (this should’ve been provided to you when you were set up with Datto Drive). In most cases your sub-domain address should be your organization name, for example if your organization is “Example Company” the website address is examplecompany.dattodrive.com. If you’re not sure what your Datto Drive sub-domain is don’t hesitate to contact us.

Once you’re signed into your Datto Drive account you should see the files / folders you have saved in Datto Drive. Click the + button and then click Folder to create a new folder for the uploads, you can name it whatever you’d like.

Creating a new folder

After a moment you should see the new folder you just created appear in the list. Look for the share icon to the right of the folder name and click on it to edit the share settings. The Sharing section of the settings should appear on the right side of the page. Enable sharing by clicking the checkbox for Share link and also make sure Allow editing is enabled. If you’d like you can also set an expiration date but it isn’t required.

The share icon

The share settings

After you’ve enabled sharing there should be a URL shown just underneath the Share link checkbox. This is the URL you should provide to anyone who needs to send you files.

When someone visits the link they will be shown the contents of this shared folder you created. They can then drag and drop any files they want to upload directly onto the web page to upload their files. They can also click the + button and then click Upload to do so.

Uploading files to the shared folder

Once the files have been uploaded they will be immediately accessible to yourself and you can retrieve the files from your Datto Drive.

That’s it, you should be all set now! Just be careful with shared links, it’s best to set an expiration date on shared folders for security reasons but you can also go in and manually un-share a link if there’s no expiration date.

If you don’t have a Datto Drive account and are interested, or otherwise have any further questions feel free to contact us!

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