Contact Update Form

This form is used for all our managed customers for adding, removing or updating a customer contact. You need to be a managed customer of ours for this to form to work

This form is for clients to let us know of an emploee change at their company or a change in authority
  • Please enter your full name
  • Please enter your companies name as it is in our system.
  • Full NameEmail AddressPhone Number (or Extension)Mobile Phone (If needed)Add / Remove / Update?Authority? 
    Please use this form to add the contact information and what we are doing to the contact. Please pay special attention to the last two columns where we ask to "Add/Remove/Update" and their authority. The authority breakdown is below this entry
  • It is important that we understand what these contacts can do in your company. You would not want any employee to be able to change billing relationships or add services to your company.

    Administrative - Full access to your company, can make any changes except cancel contracts

    Billing - Gains access to your billing portal and can see all finances through

    Primary - Primary contact for everything through Wilkins IT, there can only be one primary contact per organization, this will automatically remove Primary Contact Status from another person

    Technical - Can gain access to the service desk and can help manage tickets/ requests for other users and the business

    Standard - Regular user, no access except to open tickets on their own services and systems

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Please use the form on the left to tell us about any updated contacts you have in your business. This will trigger various onboarding or offboarding tickets that we will open for you and get your approval on.

Please note, you must be an authorized contact in your company to make changes. If you are not, we will reach out to an authorized contact in your company for approval

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