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Lets face it. Very few small businesses today need a full time IT person at their office everyday.


What small businesses do need is someone to keep up with their technology needs and ensure that their hardware and services are providing them the best solution to make them the most productive and to replace and upgrade the technology before it becomes a performance drawback

With a service plan from Wilkins IT Solutions you keeps your technology infrastructure maintained and protected using enterprise Antivirus, Backup and imaging solutions to give you the redundancy you need if a disaster or hardware failure hits.


There is one source for everything IT and we can work with your staff to improve your technology and how its used. For the most part all Remotely

Here is how a service plan from Wilkins IT works

Step 1:

Wilkins IT comes to your business to work out what your needs are from an IT perspective and plans out your goals and requirements of your infrastructure.

Step 2:

We take all of that information and custom build you a solution that works for your business to maximize your IT effectiveness and minimize your total cost for IT

Step 3:

Once we get it just right we will sit back down with you and go over what we have come up with. We will also provide some options you could take to customize your solution based on service, cost, or coverage.

Step 4:

We make the necessary adjustments based on our meeting and we agree on a start date

Step 5:

We begin the on boarding process, ensuring that your entire infrastructure is catalogued and ready for monitoring and service

Step 6:

We begin our managed services and ensure that every minute of every business day, you are taken care of and your technology is working for you

Sound like a plan?

Lets get started

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