Earlier this year Microsoft adjusted it’s consumer direct pricing on all on-site Office products by 10% as a means to push more users to cloud-based services, like Office 365. Then in October of 2018, they increased their cloud prices by on average, 5% to all direct-billed customers. 

We, as a CSP were unaffected by the increase in October and we received this notification this month from Microsoft,

Starting December 1, 2018, Canadian dollar prices for Microsoft’s online services will increase by 5% to realign to global US dollar levels. These price increases are across-the-board, affecting both licensed resellers & service providers, like Wilkins IT, and end users who purchase products or services directly from Microsoft. This pricing adjustment will be reflected on all Office 365 services sold and managed through us, starting on the same date, December 1, 2018.


Microsoft has taken a unified approach to this price adjustment, which will be equal for all categories of customers, including commercial, government/public sector, not-for-profit and academic customers.

We will be matching this adjustment with our own increases to our Office 365 products and services starting December 1st, all existing services will increase on their billing date to the new rates.

For more information on the price adjustment and how it may impact your business, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


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